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Minor in Israel Studies

Program Overview

The Minor in Israel Studies is designed to ensure a balanced coverage and study of the main religious, social, cultural, and political currents that define Israel in the Middle East today. Its curriculum is drawn from various departments including Art History, Classics, Modern Languages and Linguistics, English, History, Political Science and Religions and Cultures.

Students interested in this program should contact the Director of the Azrieli Institute of Israel Studies.

Program Requirements

Minor in Israel Studies (24 credits)


credits chosen as follows:

A minimum of 3 credits and a maximum of 9 credits chosen from:

HEBR 210 Introductory Course in Hebrew (6.00)
HEBR 241 Intermediate Hebrew I (3.00)
MARA 200 Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic I (6.00)
MARA 206 Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic II (6.00)
MARA 240 Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic I (6.00)

A minimum of 6 credits and a maximum of 12 credits chosen from:

ARTH 369 Studies in Middle Eastern Art and Architecture (3.00)
ENGL 398 Selected Topics in English (3.00)
HEBR 310 Topics in Hebrew Literature (3.00)
HIST 235 The Holocaust (3.00)
HIST 242 History of the Middle East (3.00)
HIST 359 The History and Sociology of Genocide to 1945 (3.00)
RELI 220 Introduction to Judaism (3.00)
RELI 223 Introduction to Christianity (3.00)
RELI 224 Introduction to Islam (3.00)
RELI 301 The Hebrew Bible (3.00)
RELI 351 Jewish Eastern Europe (3.00)
RELI 393 Women in Israel (3.00)


credits chosen from:

POLI 391 Middle East and Global Conflict (3.00)
POLI 395 Politics of the Middle East (3.00)
RELI 319 Modern Islam (3.00)


credits chosen from:

POLI 322 Israeli Political System (3.00)
RELI 328 Modern Judaism (3.00)
RELI 329 Israel: Religion and State (3.00)

3credits chosen in consultation with the advisor


  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular program requirements.

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