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Minor in German Studies

Program Requirements

Minor in German Studies (30 credits)

6credits chosen from Introductory German
6credits chosen from Intermediate German

credits chosen from one of the following courses:

GERM 230 Introduction to German Culture (3.00)
GERM 231 German Literature in Translation (3.00)

3credits chosen from courses higher than GERM 242

credits chosen from related disciplines in consultation with the Department. See the courses listed below for some example courses in related disciplines. Additional German courses may qualify to meet this requirement.

HIST 235 The Holocaust (3.00)
PHIL 374 Kant and 19th‑Century Philosophy (3.00)
PHIL 385 Marxism (3.00)
PHIL 485 Kant (3.00)
PHIL 486 Hegel (3.00)
RELI 235 The Holocaust (3.00)
RELI 331 Literature and the Holocaust (3.00)

3credits chosen from German courses at the 400 level


  • Students with advanced placement must replace the 200‑level language courses with 300‑ or 400‑level courses offered within the same program.
  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.

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