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Urban Planning and Urban Studies Program Notes

  • The Urban Planning and Urban Studies programs introduce students to past, present, and future processes of urbanization.
  • Three programs (BA Major in Urban Studies, BA Honours in Urban Planning and BA Specialization in Urban Planning) share a common core of courses and offer students theoretical, analytical, and technical knowledge to comprehend complex urban dynamics.
  • The programs prepare students for work in the professional planning, public policy, community development, and real estate fields.
  • The Urban Planning programs are differentiated from Urban Studies by further skills training in the translation of theory into professional practice.
  • Students enrolled in the Major in Urban Studies, or other undergraduate programs in Arts and Science, seeking to transfer to the BA Specialization in Urban Planning normally request a transfer at the end of their first year, after completing a minimum of nine URBS credits. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required to transfer.
  • All course substitutions must be approved by an academic advisor.
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