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BA/BSc Honours in Pure and Applied Mathematics

Program Requirements

Honours in Pure and Applied Mathematics (66 credits)



MATH 222 Logic, Proofs, and Discrete Structures (3.00)
MATH 251 Linear Algebra I (3.00)
MATH 252 Linear Algebra II (3.00)
MATH 264 Advanced Calculus I (3.00)
MATH 265 Advanced Calculus II (3.00)
STAT 249 Probability I (3.00)
STAT 250 Statistics (3.00)



MATH 364 Analysis I (3.00)
MATH 365 Analysis II (3.00)
MATH 366 Complex Analysis I (3.00)
MATH 369 Abstract Algebra I (3.00)
MATH 370 Ordinary Differential Equations (3.00)
MATH 464 Real Analysis (3.00)


credits chosen from any other MACF/MAST/MATH/STAT courses at the 300 or 400 level

12credits chosen from any other MACF/MATH/STAT courses at the 400 level


MATH 496 Honours Project in Pure and Applied Mathematics (6.00)


  • The Department does not allow direct entry to honours programs upon admission to Concordia University. Students seeking entry to an honours program should speak to the Department’s honours director after completing 30 credits in their specialization.
  • Students admitted to an honours program require an overall GPA of at least 3.30, and at least 3.50 in their program of specialization with no more than one grade below B‑. Students must find a supervisor for their project and register for the appropriate Project Course.
  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.

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