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Liberal Arts College Program Notes

  • Students admitted to the University and seeking to enter the College must have a “B” average from Cegep or its equivalent. Prospective students should apply through the Office of the Registrar; they should also contact the College to arrange for an interview. Students are admitted to the College on the basis of an interview and an examination of their student record; they must also demonstrate proficiency in English composition.
  • Students seeking admission to the honours program may apply either for direct entry on the University application form or, once in the program, to the College’s honours advisor normally following the completion of 30 credits.
  • Students seeking admission to the College honours program are bound by the honours requirements outlined in Section 16.2.4 Concentration Requirements of this Calendar.
  • All Liberal Arts College students must take the Liberal Arts College – Core Curriculum. These interrelated courses constitute a significant segment of the coursework required for College-sponsored BA programs. Liberal Arts students are encouraged to combine the core curriculum with an honours, specialization, major or minor in another department.
  • In addition to completing the core curriculum, students must meet the Faculty of Arts and Science degree requirements and complete a departmental major, specialization, or honours program, or the Major in Liberal Arts.
  • The core curriculum may also be applied towards specialization or honours work in the Individual Studies program. (See Section 31.170 Interdisciplinary Studies.)
  • All College students must consult with a College advisor before selecting courses in other disciplines or fields. Generally, courses in the Liberal Arts College are open only to members of the College.
  • Honours candidates must maintain a GPA of 3.30 (B+) in their College courses, with no grade lower than a “C.” Students in a major or specialization program must maintain a “C” average in their College courses, with no grade lower than a “D.”
  • Further information on core courses and College programs generally may be obtained by contacting the College directly. Personal interviews with faculty members may be arranged through the College administrator.
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