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Liberal Arts College


Principal and Permanent Fellow

JARRETT A. CARTY, PhD University of Notre Dame; Permanent Fellow

Permanent Fellows

IVANA DJORDJEVIC, PhD McGill University; Associate Professor
ARIELA FREEDMAN, PhD New York University; Professor
JONATHAN MARTINEAU, PhD York University; Assistant Professor
MARK RUSSELL, PhD University of Cambridge; Associate Professor
KATHARINE STREIP, PhD University of California, Berkeley; Associate Professor


Sir George Williams Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.


The Liberal Arts College, a small community of dedicated faculty and students, provides a unique liberal arts emphasis within the Faculty of Arts and Science. Built on a core of eight courses, the multidisciplinary curriculum traces, in a chronological arc, the changing nature of society, culture, science, and the arts. Instruction takes place in small-class seminars in which primary texts, including works of literature, philosophy, art history, history of science, and music, are read and discussed.

The multidisciplinary curriculum of the Liberal Arts College provides a strong foundation in the humanities through the appreciation and critical analysis of texts in their historical, literary, and cultural contexts, and through a small-class environment that encourages participation, dialogue and debate and builds skills of argument and expression.The aim of the College is to help its students become well-rounded, open-minded, informed, creative, intellectually versatile, and highly articulate critical thinkers, ready to meet the challenges of the diverse and swiftly changing world with passion and insight.

The College offers excellent preparation for a broad range of careers in the public and private sector or for graduate or law school.


The Liberal Arts College is housed on Concordia University's downtown Sir George Williams Campus, within its own building with seminar rooms, its own library, a student lounge, study areas, and the office of the Liberal Arts Society. The College runs an extracurricular program of visiting speakers, cultural events, and regular social gatherings, where the exchange of ideas and views generated in courses and seminars continues on a more informal basis.

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