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Minor in Mathematics and Statistics

Program Requirements

Minor in Mathematics and Statistics (24 credits)



MAST 217 Introduction to Mathematical Thinking (3.00)
MAST 218 Multivariable Calculus I (3.00)
MAST 219 Multivariable Calculus II (3.00)
MAST 221 Applied Probability (3.00)
MAST 324 Introduction to Optimization (3.00)
MAST 333 Applied Statistics (3.00)


credits of MATH/STAT courses chosen with prior departmental approval from the following:

MAST 223 Introduction to Stochastic Methods of Operations Research (3.00)
MAST 232 Mathematics with Computer Algebra (3.00)
MAST 234 Linear Algebra and Applications I (3.00)
MAST 235 Linear Algebra and Applications II (3.00)
MAST 330 Differential Equations (3.00)
MAST 331 Mathematical Modelling (3.00)
MAST 332 Techniques in Symbolic Computation (3.00)
MAST 334 Numerical Analysis (3.00)
MAST 335 Investment Mathematics (3.00)
MAST 336 Insurance Mathematics (3.00)
MAST 397 Topics in Mathematics and Statistics (3.00)
MAST 398 Reading Course in Mathematics and Statistics (3.00)

Note: Students enrolled in a Mathematics and Statistics program who take probability/statistics courses in other departments may not receive credit for MAST 221, MAST 223, and MAST 333. Students taking a double Major or a Minor in Mathematics and Statistics and whose other program requires statistics courses should consult the Mathematics and Statistics undergraduate program advisor.


  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.

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