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Journalism Co-operative Program


MAGDA KONIECZNA; Associate Professor

The Co-op Program

The Journalism cooperative program is offered to fulltime students who are enrolled in the BA major program in the Department of Journalism. Students who meet the academic requirements for coop are eligible to apply. The academic content is very similar to that of the regular programs, with some specific recommendations for courses to improve the students job skills. Work terms provide coop students with the opportunity to gain practical journalism experience with a variety of employers. While most of the positions are in the Montreal area, students must be prepared to work in other parts of Canada.

Please refer to Institute for Co‑operative Education for additional information.

C.Edge (Career Edge)

The Journalism C.Edge option is offered through the Institute for Cooperative Education. Like the cooperative program, C.Edge allows students to gain practical experience through work terms related to their field of study. Students may complete one and potentially two work terms. The initial work term is normally undertaken during the summer. Students interested in applying for the C.Edge option should refer to Institute for Co‑operative Education where a full description is provided.

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