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BA/BSc Joint Major in Data Science

Program Requirements

Joint Major in Data Science (72 credits)

Mathematics and Statistics Course Requirements (33 credits)


credits of required courses chosen from:

MAST 218 Multivariable Calculus I (3.00)
MAST 221 Applied Probability (3.00)
MAST 234 Linear Algebra and Applications I (3.00)
MAST 333 Applied Statistics (3.00)
MAST 334 Numerical Analysis (3.00)
MAST 387 Data Science Lab (3.00)
STAT 280 Introduction to Statistical Programming (3.00)
STAT 380 Statistical Learning (3.00)
STAT 385 Introduction to Neural Networks (3.00)

Note: Students enrolled in a Mathematics and Statistics program who take probability/statistics courses in other departments may not receive credit for MAST 221 and MAST 333. Students taking a double Major or a Minor in Mathematics and Statistics and whose other program requires statistics courses should consult the Mathematics and Statistics undergraduate program advisor.


credits chosen from:

MACF/MAST/MATH/STAT electives (at least 300 level) with prior department approval

Computer Science Course Requirements (39 credits)



COMP 228 System Hardware (3.00)
COMP 232 Mathematics for Computer Science (3.00)
COMP 248 Object‑Oriented Programming I (3.50)
COMP 249 Object‑Oriented Programming II (3.50)
COMP 335 Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science (3.00)
COMP 352 Data Structures and Algorithms (3.00)
COMP 353 Databases (4.00)
ENCS 282 Technical Writing and Communication (3.00)
ENCS 393 Social and Ethical Dimensions of Information and Communication Technologies (3.00)
SOEN 471 Big Data Analytics (4.00)

6credits minimum of Computer Science electives chosen from 400-level COMP/SOEN courses with prior departmental approval


  • The Faculty of Arts and Science and the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science have created a program of study which combines a comprehensive education in computer science and mathematics. This program resides in both Faculties. In the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science, it is offered under the aegis of the Bachelor of/ Baccalaureate in Computer Science. According to their preferences and aspirations, students may apply either for a Bachelor of/ Baccalaureate in Science program, or Bachelor of/Baccalaureate in Arts program or a Bachelor of/Baccalaureate in Computer Science program. The Computer Science program is described in Section 71.85 Data Science.
  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.
  • For students in the Bachelor of/Baccalaureate in Science program or Bachelor of/Baccalaureate in Arts program, the Faculty of Arts and Science 24-credit and six-credit general elective rules are fulfilled.

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