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Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering



JOEY PAQUET, PhD Université Laval; Associate Professor

Associate Chair (Computer Science)

JUERGEN RILLING, PhD University of Illinois; Professor

Associate Chair (Software Engineering)

NIKOLAOS TSANTALIS, PhD University of Macedonia; PEng; Associate Professor


SABINE BERGLER, PhD Brandeis University; Professor
BIPIN C. DESAI, PhD McGill University; Professor
THOMAS FEVENS, PhD Queen’s University; Professor
GOSTA GRAHNE, PhD University of Helsinki; Professor
YANN-GAEL GUÉHÉNEUC, PhD University of Nantes; ing.; Professor
HOVHANNES A. HARUTYUNYAN, PhD Armenian Academy of Sciences; Professor
BRIGITTE JAUMARD, PhD École Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications; Professor
LEILA KOSSEIM, PhD Université de Montréal; Professor
ADAM KRZYZAK, PhD University of Wroclaw; Professor; Provost’s Distinction
SUDHIR P. MUDUR, PhD Bombay University; PEng; Professor
LATA NARAYANAN, PhD University of Rochester; ing.; Professor
CHARALAMBOS POULLIS, PhD University of Southern California; Professor
EMAD SHIHAB, PhD Queen’s University; PEng; Professor; Provost's Distinction
CHING Y. SUEN, PhD University of British Columbia; Professor; Provost’s Distinction

Distinguished Professors Emeriti

J. WILLIAM ATWOOD, PhD University of Illinois
TIEN D. BUI, PhD York University; ing.
VACLAV CHVATAL, PhD University of Waterloo; Provost’s Distinction
CLEMENT LAM, PhD California Institute of Technology
JAROSLAV OPATRNY, PhD University of Waterloo

Professors Emeriti

V.S. ALAGAR, PhD McGill University
GREGORY BUTLER, PhD University of Sydney
EUSEBIUS J. DOEDEL, PhD University of British Columbia
DAVID FORD, PhD Ohio State University
VOLKER M. HAARSLEV, PhD University of Hamburg
H.F. LI, PhD University of California, Berkeley
R. SHINGHAL, PhD McGill University

Associate Professors

TSE-HSUN (PETER) CHEN, PhD Queen’s University; Associate Professor
CONSTANTINOS CONSTANTINIDES, PhD Illinois Institute of Technology; PEng; Associate Professor
TODD EAVIS, PhD Dalhousie University; Associate Professor
TRISTAN GLATARD, PhD Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, France; Associate Professor; Provost's Distinction
DHRUBAJYOTI GOSWAMI, PhD University of Waterloo; PEng; Associate Professor
RAJAGOPALAN JAYAKUMAR, PhD Concordia University; Associate Professor
MARTA KERSTEN‑OERTEL, PhD McGill University; Associate Professor
TIBERIU POPA, PhD University of British Columbia; Associate Professor
DAVID K. PROBST, DSc Université de Bruxelles; Associate Professor
PETER RIGBY, PhD University of Victoria; Associate Professor
NEMATOLLAAH SHIRI‑VARNAAMKHAASTI, PhD Concordia University; Associate Professor
YANG WANG, PhD Simon Fraser University; Associate Professor
RENÉ WITTE, DrIng University of Karlsruhe; PEng; Associate Professor
YUHONG YAN, PhD Tsinghua University/Leipzig University; PEng; Associate Professor
JINQIU (ALICE) YANG, PhD University of Waterloo; Associate Professor

Associate Professor Emerita

OLGA ORMANDJIEVA, PhD Concordia University; ing.

Assistant Professors

ANIL UFUK BATMAZ, PhD University of Strasbourg; Assistant Professor
EUGENE BELLILOVSKY, PhD Université Paris‑Saclay; Assistant Professor
ABDELHAK BENTALEB, PhD National University of Singapore; Assistant Professor
SANDRA CÉSPEDES, PhD University of Waterloo; Assistant Professor
DIEGO COSTA, PhD Heidelberg University; Assistant Professor
MAHDI HOSSEINI, PhD University of Toronto; Assistant Professor
ESSAM MANSOUR, PhD Dublin Institute of Technology; Assistant Professor
DENIS PANKRATOV, PhD University of Chicago; Assistant Professor
MIRCO RAVANELLI, PhD University of Trento; Assistant Professor
SHIN HWEI TAN, PhD National University of Singapore; Assistant Professor
YIMING XIAO, PhD McGill University; PEng; Assistant Professor

Senior Lecturer

AIMAN HANNA, PhD Concordia University; PEng; Senior Lecturer


NORA HOUARI, PhD University of Calgary; Lecturer
KAUSTUBHA MENDHURWAR, PhD Concordia University; Lecturer
RODRIGO MORALES, PhD Polytechnique Montréal; Lecturer

Affiliate Associate Professors

GUANGI CHEN, PhD Concordia University; Affiliate Associate Professor
ALAM JAHANGIR, PhD University of Quebec; Affiliate Associate Professor
T. KENGATHARAM, PhD Concordia University; Affiliate Associate Professor
MUNA KHAYYAT, PhD Concordia University; Affiliate Associate Professor
MARIE-JEAN MEURS, PhD University of Avignon; Affiliate Associate Professor
SERGUEI MOKHOV, PhD Concordia University; Affiliate Associate Professor
WEIYI (IAN) SHANG, PhD Queen’s University; Affiliate Associate Professor
GUY WOLF, PhD Tel Aviv University; Affiliate Associate Professor

Affiliate Assistant Professors

SUBAKAN CEM, PhD University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Affiliate Assistant Professor
ABBAS JAVADTALAB, PhD University of Ottawa; PEng; Affiliate Assistant Professor
MIAO SONG, PhD Concordia University; Affiliate Assistant Professor
STUART THIEL, PhD Concordia University; Affiliate Assistant Professor


Sir George Williams Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.


The Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering offers three distinct undergraduate programs: Bachelor of/Baccalaureate in Computer Science (BCompSc); BCompSc in Health and Life Sciences; and BEng in Software Engineering.

Computer Science is the study and design of computer systems: hardware and software. Computer scientists are primarily concerned with the design of algorithms, languages, hardware architecture, systems software, applications software and tools. Applications range from simple game playing to the control of space vehicles, power plants and factories, from banking machines to intelligent fault and medical diagnosis. Computer professionals, in short, are concerned with the creation of computer and information systems for the benefit of society.

The BCompSc in Health and Life Sciences is offered in collaboration with the Department of Biology and shares a number of courses with the Honours in Systems and Information Biology and Specialization in Systems and Information Biology. The detailed description of these programs can be found in Section 71.75 Computer Science in Health and Life Sciences.

Software Engineering applies the principles and practices of engineering to the creation of reliable, efficient, and economical software. Software Engineering has its roots in the theory and mathematics of computer science, but carries this knowledge further towards creative applications such as software control systems for vehicles, aircraft, industrial processes; animation, interactive video, virtual reality, commercial systems for banking and financial analysis; health systems for the analysis of biological systems and the control of therapeutic devices.

It shares with engineering the rigorous methodology of analysis and design in the search for economical, reliable, and efficient solutions. Software engineers are trained in all aspects of the software life cycle, from specification through analysis and design, to testing, maintenance and evaluation of the product. They are concerned with safety and reliability of the product as well as cost and schedule of the development process. The discipline is particularly applicable to very large software projects, as well as the re-engineering of existing products.

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