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Section 71.70.1 Curriculum for the Degree of Bachelor of/Baccalaureate in Computer Science

Computer Science Program

The Computer Science program emphasizes fundamentals and techniques that remain relevant and useful for many years after graduation. The program consists of a combination of core courses in computer science, elective courses in computer science and mathematics, and some free electives. The Computer Science Core provides a basic and broad study of theory, mathematical basics, programming methodology, computer architecture, data structures, operating systems, and software engineering.

Elective courses are presented in groups to guide students in the selection of advanced elective courses in computer science to provide further depth in computer science and the particular application area.

Related Programs

The Joint Major in Computation Arts and Computer Science combines a comprehensive education in both computer science and the design of interactive multimedia (see Section 71.80 Computation Arts and Computer Science).

The Joint Major in Data Science combines a comprehensive education in both computer science and mathematics and statistics (see Section 71.85 Data Science).

Honours Program

There is an honours program corresponding to the BCompSc (and associated joint majors) (see Section 71.70.4 Honours Program). In addition, all programs are offered in the co-operative format, with alternating study and work terms, for a limited number of students with suitable qualifications (see Section 24 Institute for Co‑operative Education).

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