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BCompSc Joint Major in Computation Arts and Computer Science


The BCompSc Joint Major in Computation Arts and Computer Science consists of 45 credits in Computer Science complemented by 45 credits of study in Fine Arts. It provides a foundation for the integration of the arts and computer science as hybrid digital media arts and multimedia productions.

The Computation Arts core focuses on three areas of digital media: image works, sound exploration, and 3D modelling/animation. Through the integration of theory and practice, the programs aim at developing interdisciplinary cultural and technological practices, for independent arts initiatives, industry, and client‑based productions.

The core courses are open‑ended and flexible to accommodate change that will run parallel to technological advancements in industry and give students a strong base in multimedia research. Design Art, Electroacoustics, Film Animation, and the Studio Electronic Arts provide the Fine Arts electives, which further supports the cross‑disciplinary nature of the program directives.

This program will give graduates the conceptual abilities and technical skills they need to practise as hybrid cultural workers in the rapidly expanding field of multimedia. Students will have many more options to fine‑tune a multimedia program according to their individual needs and expectations. Courses have been restructured into three credits to facilitate computer lab access, and flexibility in course sequencing and offerings, as well as to accommodate completion of the program within a co‑op structure.

Students of Computation Arts must bear the costs of annual laboratory fees.

Degree Requirements

The program consists of 45 credits in Computer Science and 45 credits in Fine Arts, as described below.

Joint Major in Computation Arts and Computer Science (90 credits)

33credits from the Computer Science Core
45credits from the Computation Arts Core


COMP 345 Advanced Program Design with C++ (4.00)
COMP 371 Computer Graphics (4.00)
ENCS 282 Technical Writing and Communication (3.00)
ENGR 411 Special Technical Report (1.00)

Computation Arts Core (45 credits)



FFAR 248 Keywords: Engaging Across Disciplines in the Fine Arts (3.00)
FFAR 249 Keywords: Working Across Disciplines in the Fine Arts (3.00)



CART 210 New Media Theory (3.00)
CART 211 Creative Computing and Network Culture (3.00)
CART 212 Digital Media Studio I (3.00)
CART 214 Visual Form and Communication (3.00)



CART 310 Interaction Design Studio (3.00)

credits chosen from 300-level CART courses  


CART 410 Research‑Creation in the Computation Arts (3.00)

9credits chosen from 400-level CART courses  
6credits chosen from DART courses or other Fine Arts electives  
Note: the  Joint Major in Computation Arts and Computer Science is offered jointly with the  Department of Design and Computation Arts.  

Admission Requirements

The Joint Major in Computation Arts and Computer Science is limited to students who are enrolled in or simultaneously applying for the BCompSc and who are qualified for the Fine Arts component. Applicants must fulfill the admission requirements for the BCompSc (see Section 71.10.2 Admission Requirements) and be accepted into the BCompSc.

In addition to the normal admission procedure of Concordia University, there is a distinct admission procedure for applicants to the Major in Computation Arts. All applicants must submit a portfolio following the instructions outlined on the Design and Computation Arts website at

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