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BCompSc Joint Major in Data Science


The BCompSc Joint Major in Data Science provides the foundational courses that are critical for Data Science. The mathematics and statistics component of the program includes topics that overlap with computer science, such as calculus, probability and statistics, numerical analysis, and a data science lab.

Degree Requirements

The program consists of 90 credits.

Joint Major in Data Science (90 credits)

Mathematics and Statistics Core: Joint Major in Data Science (18 credits)

MAST 218 Multivariable Calculus I (3.00)
MAST 234 Linear Algebra and Applications I (3.00)
MAST 333 Applied Statistics (3.00)
MAST 334 Numerical Analysis (3.00)
MAST 387 Data Science Lab (3.00)
STAT 280 Introduction to Statistical Programming (3.00)

Note: MAST 334 may be replaced by COMP 361.

Data Science Courses (16 credits)

COMP 353 Databases (4.00)
COMP 432 Machine Learning (4.00)
COMP 433 Introduction to Deep Learning (4.00)
SOEN 471 Big Data Analytics (4.00)

Admission Requirements

The Data Science program is restricted to students who are enrolled in or simultaneously applying for the BCompSc and who are qualified for the mathematics component. Applicants must fulfill the admission requirements for the BCompSc (see Section 71.10.2 Admission Requirements) and be accepted into the BCompSc. For admission requirements for the mathematics component, see Section 31.200 Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

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