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Section 71.70.4 Honours Program


Students should refer to Section 16.2 Curriculum Regulations of the Calendar for academic regulations for the honours program. The following regulations are additional requirements for the Honours BCompSc program.

  1. Applications to enter an honours program must be submitted to the Office of the Associate Dean (Student Academic Services) at least three months before the start of the term in which the student wishes to enter an honours program.
  2. Students must complete at least 30 credits towards their degree before entering an honours program.
  3. Students who are required to withdraw from an honours program may continue in the BCompSc degree provided they are in acceptable or conditional standing according to the academic regulations in Section 71.10.3 Academic Regulations.

Course Requirements for Honours Programs

Honours students must fulfill the requirements of the BCompSc Bachelor of/Baccalaureate in Computer Science. In addition, to receive an honours degree:

Students must have a final graduation GPA of at least 3.30.
Students must successfully complete the following course as one of the Computer Science electives for the BCompSc:
COMP 490 Computer Science Project I (3.00)
Students must successfully complete at least six of the General Electives credits chosen from the list of Computer Science Electives with at least two of the following: COMP 339, COMP 465, and COMP or SOEN courses with a number between 6000 and 6951.
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