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BA/BSc Honours in Statistics

Program Requirements

Honours in Statistics (66 credits)



MATH 251 Linear Algebra I (3.00)
MATH 252 Linear Algebra II (3.00)
MATH 264 Advanced Calculus I (3.00)
MATH 265 Advanced Calculus II (3.00)
MATH 364 Analysis I (3.00)
STAT 249 Probability I (3.00)
STAT 250 Statistics (3.00)
STAT 280 Introduction to Statistical Programming (3.00)



STAT 349 Probability II (3.00)
STAT 360 Linear Models (3.00)
STAT 450 Mathematical Statistics (3.00)
STAT 460 Time Series and Forecasting (3.00)
STAT 461 Statistical Simulation (3.00)
STAT 480 Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis (3.00)


credits chosen from:

STAT 343 Sample Survey Theory and Applications (3.00)
STAT 468 Design of Experiments (3.00)


credits chosen from:

STAT 347 Introduction to Non-Parametric Statistics (3.00)
STAT 380 Statistical Learning (3.00)
STAT 449 Advanced Probability (3.00)
STAT 452 Introduction to Stochastic Processes (3.00)
STAT 465 Multivariate Statistics (3.00)
STAT 497 Topics in Statistics (3.00)
STAT 498 Reading Course in Statistics (3.00)

6credits chosen from MATH/STAT courses with prior departmental approval


STAT 499 Honours Project in Statistics (6.00)

Note: Students taking a double Major or a Minor in Mathematics and Statistics and whose other program requires statistics courses should consult the Mathematics and Statistics undergraduate program advisor.


  • The Department does not allow direct entry to honours programs upon admission to Concordia University. Students seeking entry to an honours program should speak to the Department’s honours director after completing 30 credits in their specialization.
  • Students admitted to an honours program require an overall GPA of at least 3.30, and at least 3.50 in their program of specialization with no more than one grade below B‑. Students must find a supervisor for their project and register for the appropriate Project Course.
  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.

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