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Department of Communication Studies



ELIZABETH MILLER, MFA Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Professor

Distinguished Professors Emeriti

WILLIAM BUXTON, PhD Free University of Berlin
MAURICE CHARLAND, PhD University of Iowa
LORNA ROTH, PhD Concordia University; Provost’s Distinction


CHARLES ACLAND, PhD University of Illinois at Urbana‑Champaign; Professor
OWEN CHAPMAN, PhD Concordia University; Professor
STELLA CHIA, PhD University of Wisconsin‑Madison; Professor
MIA CONSALVO, PhD University of Iowa; Professor
MONIKA KIN GAGNON, PhD Simon Fraser University; Professor
BRIAN LEWIS, PhD University of Iowa; Professor
KRISTA LYNES, PhD University of California, Santa Cruz; Professor
KIM SAWCHUK, PhD York University; Professor
TIMOTHY SCHWAB, MFA Concordia University; Professor
JEREMY STOLOW, PhD York University; Professor
PETER C. VAN WYCK, PhD McGill University; Professor

Associate Professors

ARSELI DOKUMACI, PhD Aberystwyth University; Associate Professor
TAGNY DUFF, MFA PhD Concordia University; Associate Professor
STEFANIE DUGUAY, PhD Queensland University of Technology; Associate Professor
SANDRA GABRIELE, PhD Concordia University; Associate Professor
FENWICK MCKELVEY, PhD Ryerson University/York University; Associate Professor
ALESSANDRA RENZI, PhD University of Toronto; Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

ANTONIA HERNÁNDEZ, PhD Concordia University; Assistant Professor

Senior Lecturer

RAZAN ALSALAH, MFA Temple University; Senior Lecturer


Loyola Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.

Department Objectives

The Department of Communication Studies takes a broad approach to the study of media and communication. Its undergraduate programs provide students with the analytical, critical, and creative skills necessary in a communication- and information-rich world.


The Department provides the necessary equipment and facilities to accommodate students in laboratory courses. These include production studios, Mac labs, field production equipment for video and film (H.D. and 16mm), editing suites for video and film, digital sound facilities (production and post-production), and intermedia laboratories. The Learning Centre provides resources for supporting media production and studies as well as computers for program students to use. The media gallery is also housed in the Learning Centre.

Department Admission Requirements

The Department of Communication Studies has distinct admission procedures for each of its programs, in addition to the normal admission process of Concordia University. The Department is prepared to receive applications as early as January. Interested candidates should obtain information about admission requirements by visiting the Department’s website at

Graduate Work in Communication Studies: The Department offers a one-year Communication Studies Graduate Diploma for students who have completed their undergraduate degree in another field and who desire a concentrated introduction to Communication Studies. It offers an MA in Media Studies for those with an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies or a cognate field. It also offers a PhD in Communication Studies for those with a graduate degree in Communication Studies or a cognate field. For details, please refer to the School of Graduate Studies Calendar or contact the Department.

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