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Department of Sociology and Anthropology



MARC LAFRANCE, PhD University of Oxford; Associate Professor



DANIEL DAGENAIS, PhD Université de Paris X, Nanterre; Professor
VALÉRIE DE COURVILLE NICOL, PhD Carleton University; Professor
KATE DE MEDEIROS, PhD University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Professor
SYLVIA KAIROUZ, PhD Université de Montréal; Professor
KATJA NEVES, PhD York University; Professor
GREG M. NIELSEN, PhD Université de Montréal; Professor
SHELLEY Z. REUTER, PhD Queen’s University; Professor
BART SIMON, PhD University of California, San Diego; Professor
JEAN‑PHILIPPE WARREN, PhD Université de Montréal; Professor; Provost’s Distinction

Associate Professors

BEVERLEY BEST, PhD Simon Fraser University; Associate Professor
MARTIN FRENCH, PhD Queen’s University; Associate Professor
CHRIS HURL, PhD Carleton University; Associate Professor
SATOSHI IKEDA; PhD Michigan State University; PhD State University of New York at Binghamton; Associate Professor
OCEANE JASOR, PhD Florida International University; Associate Professor
AMY SWIFFEN, PhD University of Alberta; Associate Professor
MATTHEW UNGER, PhD University of Alberta; Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

MARIE-PIER JOLY, PhD University of Toronto; Assistant Professor
ZHIFAN LUO, PhD University at Albany – State University of New York; Assistant Professor

Senior Lecturers

AARON BRAUER, MA Concordia University; Senior Lecturer
HUSSEIN MERHI, PhD Université de Montréal; Senior Lecturer



MAXIMILIAN C. FORTE, PhD University of Adelaide; Professor
J. DAVID HOWES, PhD Université de Montréal; Professor
CHRISTINE JOURDAN, PhD Australian National University; Professor

Associate Professors

JULIE S. ARCHAMBAULT, PhD University of London; Associate Professor
KREGG HETHERINGTON, PhD University of California, Davis; Associate Professor
MARK WATSON, PhD University of Alberta; Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

NAYROUZ ABU HATOUM, PhD York University; Assistant Professor
THERESA ARRIOLA, PhD University of California at Los Angeles; Assistant Professor
DENIZ DURUIZ, PhD Columbia University; Assistant Professor


Sir George Williams Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.

Department Objectives

Sociology and Anthropology examine the processes of social and cultural life in diverse human societies, past and present. These core disciplines of the social sciences are closely linked to the humanities, since various aspects of culture and society concern them all.

The celebration of diversity — cultural, ethnic, and racial — among the students and faculty as well as in the subject matter, is a hallmark of the Department. It offers a full range of undergraduate programs, including joint programs in both disciplines.

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