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BA Honours in Theological Studies

Program Requirements

Honours in Theological Studies (60 credits)



THEO 393 Philosophical Foundations of Christian Theology (3.00)



THEO 201 Introduction to Theological Studies (3.00)
THEO 202 Introduction to Biblical Studies (3.00)
THEO 203 Introduction to the New Testament (3.00)
THEO 204 Introduction to Christian Ethics (3.00)
THEO 205 Introduction to Christian Spirituality (3.00)
THEO 206 Introduction to Christian Origins (3.00)


credits chosen from the following courses in Old Testament:

THEO 301 The Pentateuch (3.00)
THEO 302 Historiographies in the Bible (3.00)
THEO 304 Prophetic and Wisdom Literature in the Hebrew Bible (3.00)


credits chosen from the following courses in New Testament:

THEO 311 John's Writings and the Apocalypse (3.00)
THEO 315 Gospels and Acts (3.00)
THEO 317 Paul's Letters (3.00)


credits chosen from the following courses in History:

THEO 320 History of Christianity: The Medieval Period (3.00)
THEO 322 History of Christianity: Reformation and Modernity (3.00)


credits chosen from the following courses in Systematics:

THEO 212 Faith, Reason and the Religious Sense (3.00)
THEO 331 The Christian Understanding of God (3.00)
THEO 333 Jesus Christ in History and Faith (3.00)
THEO 337 The Christian Sacraments (3.00)


credits chosen from the following courses in Ethics:

THEO 351 Applied Ethical Issues (3.00)
THEO 353 Theology and Bioethics (3.00)


credits chosen from the following courses in Spirituality:

THEO 236 Spirituality: Personal, Social and Religious Dimensions (3.00)
THEO 242 Theology and the Arts (3.00)
THEO 243 Indigenous Spirituality (3.00)
THEO 245 The Creative Self (3.00)
THEO 291 The Icon: Theology in Colour (3.00)
THEO 347 Spirituality of Aging (3.00)
THEO 403 Ignatian Spirituality: Theory and Method (3.00)



THEO 406 The History of Biblical Research (3.00)
THEO 408 Classical Theological Texts: Reading and Interpretation (3.00)
THEO 410 Honours Tutorial (3.00)
THEO 460 Honours Essay (3.00)

3credits chosen from cognate courses in Classics, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, in consultation with the honours advisor. Students, in consultation with the honours advisor, may choose a course in another cognate discipline.
6credits chosen from courses in the ancient and/or modern languages of Classical Greek, Biblical Greek (THEO 495, THEO 496), Biblical Hebrew (THEO 492, THEO 493), Modern Hebrew, Latin, French, German, Italian, Spanish, in consultation with the honours advisor
Note: With the permission of the Department, three credits in a cognate discipline may be substituted for a Theology elective course.


  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.

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