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Certificate in Irish Studies

Program Requirements

Certificate in Irish Studies (30 credits)


credits chosen from:

HIST 211 History of Ireland (3.00)
IRST 203 Introduction to Irish Studies (3.00)
IRST 209 Highlights of Irish Literature (3.00)
IRST 211 History of Ireland (3.00)
IRST 270 Irish Traditional Music: A Global Soundscape (3.00)
IRST 303 The Global Irish (3.00)

Note: The following courses are cross-listed:

HIST 211 and IRST 211

15credits of IRST elective courses
Note: Several of the courses listed in this program are cross-listed. In cases where cross-listed courses appear, either version of the course may be applied towards the program requirements. Students may not, however, take both versions of a cross-listed course for credit.


  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular program requirements.

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