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BSc Honours in Exercise Science

Program Requirements

Honours in Exercise Science (60 credits)

Stage I: Honours in Exercise Science (24 credits)



CATA 262 Emergency Care in Sport and Exercise (3.00)
CATA 263 Principles of Athletic Therapy (3.00)
EXCI 252 Introduction to Physical Activity, Health and Fitness (3.00)
EXCI 253 Human Anatomy I: Musculoskeletal Anatomy (3.00)
EXCI 254 Human Anatomy II: Systemic Anatomy (3.00)
EXCI 258 Human Physiology I: Musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular, and Bioenergetic Systems from Rest to Exercise (3.00)
EXCI 259 Human Physiology II: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems from Rest to Exercise (3.00)
KCEP 210 Principles of Clinical Exercise Physiology (3.00)

Stage II: Honours in Exercise Science (15 credits)



EXCI 310 Research Methods (3.00)
EXCI 322 Statistics for Exercise Science (3.00)
EXCI 351 Introduction to the Biomechanics of Human Movement (3.00)
EXCI 352 Essentials of Exercise Testing and Training in Athletic Populations (3.00)
EXCI 360 Neural and Hormonal Control of Human Systems (3.00)

Stage III: Honours in Exercise Science (21 credits)



EXCI 420 Physical Activity Epidemiology (3.00)
EXCI 421 Honours Seminar: Current Topics in Health and Exercise Science (3.00)
EXCI 426 Honours Thesis (6.00)
EXCI 445 Nutrition in Exercise and Sport (3.00)
EXCI 460 Integrative Human Physiology (3.00)


credits chosen from:

EXCI 415 Behaviour Change and Interventions (3.00)
EXCI 440 Current Developments in the Biochemistry of Exercise (3.00)
EXCI 451 Clinical Biomechanics (3.00)
EXCI 453 Stress, Health and Disease (3.00)
EXCI 455 Physical Activity, Health and Aging (3.00)
EXCI 458 Pediatric Exercise Science (3.00)
EXCI 461 Pharmacology for Sport and Exercise (3.00)
EXCI 471 Pain Management Strategies (3.00)


  • Students seeking admission to the honours program must apply to the Department Honours Committee normally following the completion of 24 program credits. Students must meet the Faculty of Arts and Science regulations concerning the honours program. For additional information concerning programs and courses, students should consult the Department.
  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.

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