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BA Major in German

Program Requirements

Note: Admission to this program is suspended.

Major in German (42 credits)

6credits chosen from Intermediate German


GERM 256 Translation I (3 credits)

GERM 257 Translation II (3 credits)


credits chosen from:

GERM 301 Advanced Grammar and Composition I (3.00)
GERM 302 Advanced Grammar and Composition II (3.00)
GERM 306 Introduction to Translation (3.00)
GERM 307 Translation Practice (3.00)
GERM 308 German for Business (3.00)

GERM 271 German Composition and Conversation (3 credits)

GERM 365 German Civilization I (3 credits)

GERM 366 German Civilization II (3 credits)


credits chosen from German courses at the 400 level, of which a minimum of six credits must be selected from:

GERM 405 Early German Literature I (3 credits)

GERM 406 Early German Literature II (3 credits)

GERM 461 History of the German Language I (3 credits)

GERM 462 History of the German Language II (3 credits)


  • Students with advanced placement must replace the 200‑level language courses with 300‑ or 400‑level courses offered within the same program.
  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular degree requirements.

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