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Mathematics and Statistics Program Notes

  • Students are required to complete the appropriate entrance profile for entry into the program (see Section 31.002 Programs and Admission Requirements Profiles).
  • A student wishing to follow a program in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics but not meeting the entrance requirements should consult with one of the Department’s academic advisors.
  • Students can select whether the emphasis of the program will be in the area of Actuarial Mathematics, Data Science, Mathematical and Computational Finance, Pure and Applied Mathematics, Quantitative Finance and Insurance, or Statistics through specialization/honours programs in the respective areas.
  • The enrolment in specialization/honours will be on a selective basis, whereas the major will be open to all students. However, students with less than a 70% average in Cegep Mathematics courses will be required to take a six‑credit “transition” Calculus and Linear Algebra course (MAST 214) upon entry into the MATH/STAT Major. The course will not count for credits in the major.
  • Students wishing to take Engineering Mathematics courses for credit must obtain prior approval of the Department.
  • The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers honours programs as a six-credit extension to its specialization programs in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Actuarial Mathematics. The extra six credits are earned in one of the Project Courses: MATH 496, STAT 499, or ACTU 493. The Department does not allow direct entry to honours programs upon admission to Concordia University. Students seeking entry to an honours program should speak to the Department’s honours director after completing 30 credits in their specialization.
  • For additional information concerning programs and courses, students should consult the Department.
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