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Minor in Multidisciplinary Studies in Science

Program Requirements

Minor in Multidisciplinary Studies in Science (30 credits)




SCOL 270 Historical, Philosophical, and Social Aspects of Science (6.00)



SCOL 290 Directed and Independent Study I (3.00)
SCOL 391 Directed and Independent Study II (6.00)



SCOL 490 Directed and Independent Study III (6.00)


Note: After consultation with the College, SCOL 490 may be replaced by BIOL 490, CHEM 450, EXCI 426, PHYS 496, or PSYC 495.

Note: Students who have taken BIOL 490, CHEM 450, EXCI 426, PHYS 496, or PSYC 495 are not required to take SCOL 490.


credits chosen from:

SCOL 350 Current Issues in Physical, Biological and Mathematical Sciences (3.00)
SCOL 360 Topics for Multidisciplinary Study (3.00)
LBCL 291 Political and Philosophical Foundations I (6.00)
LBCL 292 Modes of Expression and Interpretation I (6.00)


Note: SCOL 350 and SCOL 360 may be repeated twice for credit in this program, provided the subject matter is different each time. In special circumstances and with permission of the College, a repeat of these courses may be replaced by a science course outside the student’s program.

Note: Only one course may be selected from LBCL 291 and LBCL 292.



  • In addition to completing the core curriculum, students are responsible for satisfying their degree requirements by completing a departmental honours, specialization, or major program leading to a BSc, BA, or BCompSc.

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