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Department of Political Science



DANIEL SALÉE, PhD Université de Montréal; Professor

Associate Chair

JAMES KELLY, PhD McGill University; Professor

Distinguished Professors Emeriti

HENRY HABIB, PhD McGill University
JAMES MOORE, MA University of Toronto


ANTOINE BILODEAU, PhD University of Toronto; Professor
GRAHAM DODDS, PhD University of Pennsylvania; Professor
BROOKE JEFFREY, PhD Carleton University; Professor
GUY LACHAPELLE, PhD Northwestern University; Professor
KIMBERLEY MANNING, PhD University of Washington; Professor
PATRIK MARIER, PhD University of Pittsburgh; Professor
CSABA NIKOLENYI, PhD University of British Columbia; Professor
STEPHANIE PATERSON, PhD Carleton University; Professor
FRANCESCA SCALA, PhD Carleton University; Professor
MARLENE SOKOLON, PhD Northern Illinois University; Professor

Associate Professors

CEREN BELGE, PhD University of Washington; Associate Professor
ELIZABETH A. BLOODGOOD, PhD Princeton University; Associate Professor
ERIC BUZZETTI, PhD Boston College; Associate Professor
NICOLE DE SILVA, PhD University of Oxford; Associate Professor
TINA HILGERS, PhD York University; Associate Professor
AXEL HUELSEMEYER, PhD University of Calgary; Associate Professor
MEGHAN JOY, PhD Ryerson University; Associate Professor
MEBS KANJI, PhD University of Calgary; Associate Professor
EDWARD KING, PhD University of California, Berkeley; Associate Professor
MICHAEL LIPSON, PhD University of Wisconsin‑Madison; Associate Professor
JEAN‑FRANÇOIS MAYER, PhD Pennsylvania State University; Associate Professor
MIREILLE PAQUET, PhD Université de Montréal; Associate Professor
AMY POTEETE, PhD Duke University; Associate Professor
LEANDER SCHNEIDER, PhD Columbia University; Associate Professor
JULIAN SCHOFIELD, PhD Columbia University; Associate Professor
TRAVIS SMITH, PhD Harvard University; Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

SARAH GHABRIAL, PhD McGill University; Assistant Professor
SAM ROWAN, DPhil University of Oxford; Assistant Professor
ALEXANDRA O. ZEITZ, DPhil University of Oxford; Assistant Professor

Senior Lecturer

RICHARD BISAILLON, PhD Concordia University; Senior Lecturer


Sir George Williams Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.

Department Objectives

The Department of Political Science offers a wide range of courses and programs to acquaint students with the living complexity of contemporary government and politics. The curriculum provides the theoretical foundations, analytical skills, and research methods for understanding the construction of government policy as well as the underlying nature and purpose of political processes and institutions. The aim is to prepare well-rounded, concerned citizens for careers in the public service and the private sector, or for graduate or law school.

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