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Department of Education



SAUL CARLINER, PhD Georgia State University; Professor; Provost’s Distinction

Distinguished Professors Emeriti

PHILIP ABRAMI, PhD University of Manitoba; Provost’s Distinction
ROBERT BERNARD, PhD University of Washington
HAROLD ENTWISTLE, PhD University of London
NINA HOWE, PhD University of Waterloo
ELLEN JACOBS, MEd Tufts University
PATSY M. LIGHTBOWN, PhD Columbia University
SANDRA WEBER, PhD University of Alberta


WALCIR CARDOSO, PhD McGill University; Professor
MIRANDA D’AMICO, PhD McGill University; Professor
ANN‑LOUISE DAVIDSON, PhD University of Ottawa; Professor
SANDRA MARTIN‑CHANG, PhD McMaster University; Professor
KIM MCDONOUGH, PhD Georgetown University; Professor
M. AYAZ NASEEM, PhD McGill University; Professor
HELENA P. OSANA, PhD University of Wisconsin‑Madison; Professor
HOLLY RECCHIA, PhD Concordia University; Professor
STEVEN SHAW, PhD Concordia University; Professor
PAVEL TROFIMOVICH, PhD University of Illinois at Urbana‑Champaign; Professor
DAVID WADDINGTON, PhD Stanford University; Professor

Associate Professors

ADEELA ARSHAD-AYAZ, PhD McGill University; Associate Professor
CAROLINA CAMBRE, PhD University of Alberta; Associate Professor
SANDRA CHANG‑KREDL, PhD McGill University; Associate Professor
GIULIANA CUCINELLI, PhD McGill University; Associate Professor
ARPI HAMALIAN, MA American University of Beirut; Associate Professor
SARA KENNEDY, PhD McGill University; Associate Professor
DIANE PESCO, PhD McGill University; Associate Professor
HARICLIA PETRAKOS, PhD McGill University; Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

JENNIFER LYNN BURTON, PhD University of Toronto; Assistant Professor
JULIE CORRIGAN, PhD University of Ottawa; Assistant Professor
MITCHELL MCLARNON, PhD McGill University; Assistant Professor

Senior Lecturers

TERESA HERNANDEZ‑GONZALEZ, PhD Universidad Complutense de Madrid; Senior Lecturer
ELSA LO, PhD McGill University; Senior Lecturer
HEIKE NEUMANN, PhD McGill University; Senior Lecturer
NATHALIE ROTHSCHILD, PhD University of Toronto; Senior Lecturer


Sir George Williams Campus


For the complete list of faculty members, please consult the Department website.

Department Objectives

The Department of Education offers general undergraduate programs as well as two teachertraining programs. The general programs focus on educational issues for lifelong learning, while the teachertraining programs are specifically for Early Childhood and Elementary Education and the Teaching of English as a Second Language. Students receive expert supervision in their field placements and are carefully guided in their methods courses. The Department values creativity and innovation in the teaching learning environment and instills in its students a sense of responsibility with respect to equality, diversity and nondiscrimination.

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