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Certificate in Women’s Studies

Program Requirements

Certificate in Women’s Studies (30 credits)



WSDB 290 Introduction to Historical Perspectives in Women’s Studies (3.00)
WSDB 291 Introduction to Contemporary Concerns in Women’s Studies (3.00)
WSDB 292 Feminisms and Research Methods (3.00)


credits chosen from:

WSDB 300 Feminist Perspectives on Human Rights (3.00)
WSDB 301 Canada, Colonization and Law (3.00)
WSDB 310 Feminism, Comedy, and Social Change (3.00)
WSDB 383 Lesbian Issues and Realities (3.00)
WSDB 384 Queer Feminism (3.00)
WSDB 385 Introduction to Trans Studies (3.00)
WSDB 390 Feminist Perspectives on Peace (3.00)
WSDB 391 Health Issues: Feminist Perspectives (3.00)
WSDB 392 Féminismes dans la francophonie (3.00)
WSDB 393 Critical Race Feminisms (3.00)


credits chosen from:

WSDB 400 Gender Justice in Canadian Law and Policy (3.00)
WSDB 401 Ending Sexual Violence (3.00)
WSDB 410 Feminisms, Tourism, and Mobilities (3.00)
WSDB 491 Feminist Perspectives on Culture (3.00)
WSDB 492 Post‑colonial and Anti‑colonial Feminist Theories and Practice (3.00)

6credits chosen from the list of Optional Courses for Womens Studies


  • Students may transfer into the certificate program credits earned in an incomplete degree or certificate program or as an Independent student, provided they are students in good standing. The credits that may be so transferred are determined by the University at the point of entry into the program.
  • Students are responsible for satisfying their particular program requirements.

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