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Adobe and Microsoft software for purchase
Adobe software is available for purchase through the University for a one-time purchase price with no other associated costs. Microsoft software can be acquired individually at a greatly reduced cost as part of Concordia's Microsoft Volume License (VL) subscription.
Adobe site license
Concordia offers faculty and staff an Adobe site license for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Cloud at no cost.
Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
Concordia University is enrolled in the Apple Volume Purchase Program, which allows the University to purchase iOS Apps and Mac Apps in large volumes and distribute them to University employees.
AV equipment consultation & implementation
Concordia offers consulting services to departments wishing to modify existing or add new audio-visual technology solutions.
AV equipment loans - Faculty of Fine Arts
A selection of equipment for loan including laptops, cameras, recording devices, small P/A systems and projectors (data projectors for events on campus only) are available from the CDA Service Centre in the EV building.
Banner finance
Banner Finance is the primary information system for all accounting-related activities at Concordia.
Basic phone service
The basic phone service allows users to make internal and local calls from their on-campus location.
Cinemas staff provide professional technical support and event planning for both the Concordia community (faculty, staff and students) and external clients in four cinema venues located on the Sir George Williams Campus.
Classroom and lab software installation
Special software installations can be requested in computer labs or classrooms to support curriculum or as part of special events.
Classroom information and support
Concordia IT supports classroom technology (Crestron, projectors, classroom PCs) across both campuses.
Computer & AV equipment decommissioning
As part of Concordia’s sustainability commitment, computers, audio-visual equipment, and other technical components are evaluated and distributed for internal reuse, donation, or external recycling.
Computer & media labs - Faculty of Arts and Science
Concordia's Faculty of Arts and Science offers a wide range of computing resources and media-related equipment to their academic community.
Computer & media labs - open use
Concordia offers a wide range of computing resources, electronic, and media-related equipment to the academic community.
Computer & media labs - teaching use
Concordia offers a wide range of computing resources, electronic, and media-related equipment. The rooms on this page are limited to teaching use only.
Computer hardware and software provisioning
Consultation and installation services are available for the purchase of computer equipment including desktops, portable computers, software, and smartphones.
Computer labs - Department of Geography, Planning & Environment
These labs are for use by members of the Geography, Planning & Environment (GPE) department.
Computer labs - Department of Mathematics & Statistics
These labs are for use by members of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics only.
Computer labs - Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
These labs are for use by members of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (ENCS).
Computer labs- John Molson School of Business
These labs serve several purposes: open use for students registered in specific departments or courses, restricted use for thesis based graduate students, and/or labs that can be reserved for teaching and training purposes.
Computer support
Support for Concordia-owned computers is provided by different teams of technicians.
Computer, media labs & performance spaces - Faculty of Fine Arts
Media labs and performance spaces are available to Fine Arts faculty members and students.
Concordia CRM
Concordia Customer Relationship Management software - - is an online portal for prospective students. Prospects can register for campus tours, browse events, book an appointment with select staff members and sign up to receive tailored content (admissions, important dates and events happening on- and off-campus). Users can access the CRM using their Netname account or social media log-in credentials. Authorized staff users can set up appointments, create events and send out personalized communications.
Concordia wireless network
Concordia University provides wireless networking for all of its currently active faculty, staff, and registered students.
ConneXions - John Molson School of Business
ConneXions is a career portal which allows JMSB students and alumni to search and apply to job postings, manage and track applications, register for events, and access various career resources provided by the JMSB Career Management Services (CMS).
Course registration
Course registration is an online system allowing undergraduate, graduate, Continuing Education, and Grad Pro Skills students to add, drop, swap, and wait list classes. Students may also use this system to search the course catalogue and schedule of classes. For more information about this sytem, see our SIS Information page.
Departmental drives
Academic and service-related departments within Concordia are allotted 100 GB of space for the purpose of storing and sharing University files.
Documentum - MDD/WebTop
Documentum is the University's Electronic Document Repository that provides employees with a safe and secure place to easily store, share and organize their electronic documents while work processes attached to these documents are automated.
DPrint - faculty & staff
Faculty and staff are eligible to use departmental printers and are granted user codes associated with their departmental budget code.
DPrint - self serve (students)
Students and employees are able to use the self-serve printers on campus, and are required to load funds onto their student or employee card to gain access to printing, copying, or scanning services.
Concordia University has a subscription allowing students, faculty and staff access to the Educause reports library.
Eduroam wireless network
A service that allows member institutions from the international research and academic community to securely access wireless services at other participating institutions using their “home” credentials.
Email - faculty & staff
University employees have access to a Microsoft Exchange email account.
Email - students
Active Concordia students enrolled in courses for the current semester are eligible for a Microsoft Office 365 email account. This is a web-based email service, though Microsoft offers supplementary support for mobile and desktop access. The account creation process takes 2 business days, and your email address will follow the standard format:
Email forwarding for life (EFL)
Email forwarding for life (EFL) is an easy to remember email alias with the Concordia domain:
Empath is the primary information system used by Human Resources for all payroll, benefits and position tracking activities.
Employee pension & tax statements
Employee pension & tax statements are available as part of the Employee Self Service application in the MyConcordia portal.
Engage Concordia
Engage Concordia is an online platform that allows its users to make a donation to the University, download tax receipts, register for events, update their alumni profile, and more.
Equipment loan & rental
Audio-visual and computer equipment for loan or rental is an on-campus service available to the University community and external clients.
Equipment loan and rental - John Molson School of Business
Certain equipment is available for loan to students and professors in the John Molson School of Business (JMSB) in order to facilitate academic activities.
Event & room bookings (EMS)
MyEvents is used by both the Concordia community (faculty, staff and student associations) and external clients for event and room reservations.
Exam scoring
Concordia's IT department provides marking/grading services for multiple-choice examinations.
Faculty resource information system (FRIS)
Concordia’s Faculty Resource Information System (FRIS) is used for workload assignments for full-time faculty members, course assignment, and processing payments electronically for part-time and teaching assistant appointments.
Fax lines
Concordia University's Voice Services team provides, maintains, and supports the analog host line for fax machines.
FirstClass is an easy-to-use, advanced communications and information system used by faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Education.
Concordia University has a subscription allowing students, faculty and staff access to the Gartner research reports library.
Grenadine event planner
The Grenadine event planner is a web-based tool designed to help plan and organize event schedules, special guests, ticket sales, and more. Using an intuitive interface, event coordinators can create custom web pages where guests are able to register, purchase tickets, and view event details with ease.
Group file sharing
Group file sharing services for academic and service departments can be used to share documents and files between users.
Group study spaces - open use
Group study spaces are offered in the Webster Library, Vanier Library, and Grey Nuns Study Hall.
Home drive
Concordia faculty and staff are allocated 20GB of personal space for storing work-related files.
iClicker Student Response System
The iClicker Student Response System is an interactive polling technology that allows instructors to quickly collect and display student responses to questions featured in a lecture presentation.
Key Management System (KMS)
The Key Management System (KMS) allows faculty, staff, and students to request new physical keys as well as track issued keys. New key requests must be approved by the authorized person responsible for the requested space. The KMS may also be used to process duplicate, lost, or returned keys.
Lecture Capture
Concordia IT provides technology that allows faculty to record live in-class lectures.
The LimeSurvey web-based survey tool is used to create surveys and publish them to a public or a private audience.
Live event support
Technical support for events held across both Concordia campuses is available from the IT Service Centres.
Long distance service
Long distance capabilities can be added as a paid service to a basic phone plan, allowing the user to place long distance call from their on-campus location.
Mailing lists (Majordomo)
Majordomo is a publicly available software package called a list server and it used for the maintenance of electronic mailing lists.
Mailing lists - Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty and staff within the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (ENCS) are eligible to create, manage, or subscribe to public/private mailing lists.
Concordia has an educational site license for Maple software from Maplesoft.
Concordia University has an educational site license for Mathematica software from Wolfram Research.
Concordia University has a campus license agreement with Microsoft offering employees the use of Microsoft Windows Operating System upgrades, Microsoft Office Suite and Enterprise Client Access Licenses (CAL) at no additional cost.
Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
The University’s subscription to the Microsoft Campus Agreement provides a membership to the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. This membership grants active faculty, staff, and students currently teaching or attending one or more courses in any of the Science (STEM) departments, or the Science College of the Faculty of Arts and Science of the University, access to Microsoft software, professional development tools, and services.
Millennium financial reporting
Millennium Financial Reporting supports reporting functions from Concordia’s Financial System including operating statements, balance sheets, trial balances, financial statements, and transaction details.
Millennium web requisitioning
Millennium Web Requisitioning supports the activities related to the university's purchasing and procurement functions.
Moodle learning management system (LMS)
The Moodle (abbreviation for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) learning management system (LMS) is a secure web-based environment used for the development and delivery of course activities and resources.
My emPath
My Empath enables employees to access personal data from the Human Resources information system (Empath).
MyConcordia portal
MyConcordia portal is a secure, self-serviced, central web point that provides content and services to its users based on their relationship with the University.
Netname account management
Concordia's netname account allows access to content and services based on the user's relationship to the University.
Network connection & support
Concordia provides high speed wired network connection, installation, and support to users on both the Sir George Williams and Loyola campuses.
Office 365 - faculty & staff
Concordia faculty and staff are eligible to download the Office 365 ProPlus Suite and install it on up to 5 computers, 5 tablets, and 5 smartphones.
Office 365 - students
Students who have activated their Concordia student email account are eligible to download Office 365 ProPlus Suite and install it on up to 5 devices. The programs included in ProPlus Suite vary depending on your device’s operating system. On a PC computer, the suite includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, Lync and InfoPath. On a Mac computer, the latest versions of Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word are included. Students may also store up to 1TB of data on OneDrive.
Office 365 Education - students
Active Concordia students have access to Office 365 Education - a collection of services that allows you to collaborate and share your schoolwork.
Online expense report
The online expense reporting tool is available to faculty and staff through the MyConcordia portal. The tool is used to submit expense details to the Financial Services department for the purpose of reimbursement.
Online homework systems - Department of Mathematics & Statistics
Undergraduate students enrolled in select courses within the Department of Mathematics & Statistics are eligible to use the online homework systems - WeBWorK and MyMathLab. These systems are designed to give students immediate feedback on submitted responses and homework assignments.
Online payment requisition
The online payment requisition form is hosted within the MyConcordia portal and is intended for use by Concordia faculty, staff, and students when issuing payments to individuals who are not registered vendors or to external organizations who cannot invoice the University.
Open data is data that is freely available in a convenient and modifiable form for anyone to use and redistribute as they wish without restrictions from copyright, patents or other restrains.
Peer evaluation system
The peer evaluation system is an online tool used to assess the contributions of team members in various class activities.
Plotting - Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
Plotters are large-scale printers used to produce line drawings on paper with one or more automated pens.
Printing - Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
Faculty and staff in the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science have access to a unique printing service.
Qualtrics - John Molson School of Business
Qualtrics is a cloud-based application that allows users to create surveys and generate powerful reports.
Research server hosting
University researchers looking to host server equipment in a climate controlled and secured data centre may do so by leasing out a portion of server rack space. If you are looking to purchase new server equipment and have it hosted in a data centre, or are interested in relocating existing devices, get in touch with us.
Research storage
Researchers are eligible to request file storage space for the purpose of hosting research data in a secure environment.
Research virtualized servers
Researchers are eligible to request the use of a Virtual Server for the purpose of facilitating their research activities and ultimately reducing the need to purchase new computer equipment. Depending on your needs, the virtual server can either be user-managed by researchers or maintained by the IT Research Support team. We will also work with you to provide a recommendation on which platform to select.
Shibboleth (authentication service)
Shibboleth is open source technology used for authorization, authentication, and access control functions.
Skype for Business
Lync is a unified messaging system which allows instant messaging (IM), video calls, virtual meetings, and presence (availability) information in one easy-to-use tool.
Concordia University has licensed Sophos Anti-Virus software for the entire University community.
Standard software licenses
Concordia University's software licenses are centralized through site license agreements for commonly used software.
Statistical Analysis Software (SAS)
Concordia University has an educational site license for the Statistical Analysis Software (“SAS Software”) from SAS Institute Inc.
Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS)
Concordia has an educational site license for the Statistical Package for Social Science ("SPSS") software from IBM.
Student Information System (SIS)
The Student Information System (SIS) is a comprehensive tool used by students, faculty, and staff to perform tasks and manage information relating to the academic status of students.
Tele-conferencing service
Concordia offers five types of tele-conferencing services - standard, Concordia operator-handled, Bell operator-handled, Bell meet-me, and Bell conference event.
Telephone directories
The Corporate Directory feature is available on multi-line telephone sets only and allows you to use your phone to search for, and auto dial coworkers’ numbers via the Services button on your IP telephone.
Concordia provides IT training to faculty, staff and students. Training is delivered through instructor-lead workshops, online materials, demos and individual lessons.
Transcript requests
Transcript requests are submitted to the Transcript Department. This department is a unit of the Registrar’s Office at Concordia University that manages official transcripts and related documents for current and past Concordia students.
Tuition payment
The tuition payment system allows students the convenience of managing the billing and payment of tuition and other fees from within the MyConcordia portal.
User & group file sharing - Faculty of Fine Arts
The Faculty of Fine Arts offers two types of file sharing: User file share & Department file share.
User account - Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
All faculty, staff, and students within the Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (ENCS) are given an ENCS user account. The username and password associated with the account are required to access systems, applications, and computers managed by the School.
Virtual private network (VPN)
Concordia University's Virtual Private Network (VPN) service allows off-site Concordia University students, staff and faculty access to services restricted to computers registered with Concordia IP addresses.
Voice mail
Concordia offers voicemail as an additional paid service for those who would like to have it applied to their basic on-campus phone line.
Web conference with Zoom
Concordia's web conferencing service provides a convenient, cost-effective solution for online meetings, thesis defenses, job interviews, guest speakers, and training.
Web Print
Web Print is an online application that allows users to send print jobs to DPrint Xerox machines from a web interface.
Wired network - Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science
The Gina Cody School of Engineering and Computer Science (ENCS) wired network is a high speed network service that includes connection, installation and support for authorized users within the ENCS user community.
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