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Faculty resource information system (FRIS)

Concordia’s Faculty Resource Information System (FRIS) is used for workload assignments (including research, teaching and service) for full-time faculty members, as well as course assignment (including the processes of creating job postings, submitting applications, confirming recommendations, producing contracts) and processing payments electronically for part-time faculty members; and creating, recommending, and signing of workloads and contracts, and the subsequent processing of electronic payments for teaching assistant appointments.

Who can use it?

Department Administrators, Dean’s Office Administrators and a read-only access to Chairs, Faculty budget coordinators as well as other University executives.

Part-time Faculty members and new applicants can access FRIS to browse the Part-Time course postings.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost associated with this service.

How to get it

  • Access is given to users upon request. Only eligible users can obtain access to FRIS as the system is not available to all Concordia staff. Requests for access can be sent to the Provost Office
  • Once access has been granted, users can sign into the the FRIS website with their netname and password.

Service availability




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