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Faculty resource information system (FRIS)

Concordia’s Faculty Resource Information System (FRIS) is used for workload assignments (including research, teaching and service) for full-time faculty members, as well as course assignment (including the processes of creating job postings, submitting applications, confirming recommendations, producing contracts) and processing payments electronically for part-time faculty members; and creating, recommending, and signing of workloads and contracts, and the subsequent processing of electronic payments for teaching assistant appointments.

Who can use it?

Department Administrators, Dean’s Office Administrators and a read-only access to Chairs, Faculty budget coordinators as well as other University executives.

Part-time Faculty members and new applicants can access FRIS to browse the Part-Time course postings.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost associated with this service.

How to get it

  • Access is given to users upon request. Only eligible users can obtain access to FRIS as the system is not available to all Concordia staff. Requests for access can be sent to the Provost Office
  • Once access has been granted, users can sign into the the FRIS website with their netname and password.

Service availability



If you are experiencing technical difficulties or are unable to access the FRIS system, contact the Service Desk explaining the type of issue you are encountering.


Access to FRIS is only granted to eligible users at Concordia. Operational access is generally given to department administrators and Dean's Office administrators. Read-only access is given to other eligible University staff.

Part-time faculty members and new applicants can access posted courses in FRIS during the CUPFA posting periods (which are for two weeks in February, May, and October of every year.)

Users may access the FRIS system using a netname and password at

FRIS can be accessed using your Concordia netname and password.

There are different levels of access privileges given to FRIS users.

  • Department administrators are granted departmental access to the content pertaining to their department.
  • Dean's office administrators are granted departmental access to content pertaining to their department.
  • Chairs and faculty budget coordinators, as well as other university executives, are granted read-only access to the whole system.
  • The Provost Office has full access to the system.

Request for access should be sent to IITS  Service Desk

Part-time faculty applying for the first time are required to fill out the Username request form.

If you do not remember the netname that was given to you, you may fill out the Netname form that is found on the FRIS website.

It takes a maximum of 24 hours to get the information. With the exception of weekends, most requests can be treated within the first 30 minutes.

If you have forgotten your password, you must visit password reset page. A 'Forgot' link is also available on the FRIS webpage, which will redirect you back to the netname password reset.

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