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Research support

The IT Research Support team acts a liaison between researchers and IT professionals at the University, and between researchers and the Advanced Research Computing (ARC) resources at Compute Canada. The team is available to support researchers, provide consultation services, as well as offer various technical solutions in conjunction with local IT teams, the University's central IT services and Calcul Québec/Compute Canada analysts. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the IT Research Support team.

Contact us:

To reach the IT Research Support team directly, complete and submit the web form below.

For Calcul Québec/Compute Canada support, please visit the ARC support page or contact directly; one of our Concordia-based analysts will answer your support request.

Services for researchers:


To request a consultation with a member of the IT Research Support team, contact us.

To request a consultation with the ARC support team, contact us.

The IT Research Support team provides IT support, physical server hosting, virtualized servers, and storage solutions. For a needs assessment or consultation, contact us.

Yes, you can choose between Linux and the latest version of Windows Server.

The IT Research Support team is flexible and will work with you to establish support structures. For example, if your group already has IT expertise, the team will work collaboratively with you. For a needs assessment, contact us.

Yes, though fees may apply. For a needs assessment, contact us.

In addition to cost savings, the IT Research Support team can offer you secure data storage or even a virtualized computer environment. If you are looking to acquire specialized computers for your research projects, contact us for an assessment.

Other IT services available to researchers:

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