Research server hosting

University researchers looking to host server equipment in a climate-controlled and secured data centre may do so by leasing out a portion of server rack space. If you are looking to purchase new server equipment and have it hosted in a data centre, or are interested in relocating existing devices, get in touch with us.

Who can use it?

Concordia researchers.

How much does it cost?

Costs are determined by the amount of space a server occupies, typically in the number of used "Rack Units". The IT Research Support team will work with you to draft a Service Level Agreement where all costs are agreed upon upfront & reviewed annually. Fees may be applied on a recurring basis or a one-time flat fee based on the lifespan of the device. To help with your grant proposals, you may refer to the information below which can be used as an estimate. For a more detailed needs assessment, contact us.

How to get it

To request the server hosting service, contact the IT Research Support team.

Service availability

24/7, subject to planned maintenance windows.




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