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Research virtualized servers

Researchers are eligible to request the use of a Virtual Server for the purpose of facilitating their research activities and ultimately reducing the need to purchase new computer equipment. Depending on your needs, the virtual server can either be user-managed by researchers or maintained by the IT Research Support team. We will also work with you to provide a recommendation on which platform to select.

Who can use it?

Concordia researchers.

How much does it cost?

Base level services are offered at no cost. For extra capacity in terms of processing, memory, or storage, pricing is determined in collaboration with the IT Research Support team where a Service Level Agreement is drafted and costs are agreed upon upfront & reviewed annually.

How to get it

To request a virtual server for your research group, contact the IT Research Support team.

Service availability

24/7, subject to planned maintenance windows.



Yes, you can choose between common Linux distributions and a supported version of Windows Server.

The machine rooms on both the SGW & Loyola campuses are temperature regulated, require a keycard to gain access, and are equipped with security cameras.

Our base level servers consist of: 2 Virtual CPUs, 100GB of Storage, and 4GB of RAM. Should you require additional performance, contact the IT Research Support team.

We will work together to establish support structures through a Service Level Agreement. For example, If your group already has the IT expertise, we will work collaboratively with you.

Yes, when establishing the Service Level Agreement, a "Responsible Person" is designated and they will be the primary point of contact regarding planned maintenance.

Yes, though fees may apply. For a needs assessment, contact us.

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