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Telephone service - basic

Concordia’s Voice Services team offers basic phone service to active faculty and staff. Departments are responsible for purchasing telephone sets from a selection of IITS approved equipment. This technology will allow users to make internal and local calls from their on-campus location.

Who can use it?

Faculty and staff.

How much does it cost?

For detailed information about monthly billing and installation fees, please see the cost details.

How to get it

  • All requests for telephone services must be submitted by phone or email to the Service Desk. Requests must be made by your departmental telephone VoIP coordinator. Please review the information required for a request before contacting the Service Desk.
  • If you would like to know how much your department is being billed for telephone services, please submit an inquiry to the Service Desk.

Service availability



All installation and recurrant costs associated with the basic phone service are determined based on the department or unit where they operate. The billable services include, but are not limited to lines for:

- Part-time faculty and staff
- TBA (no full-time replacement on record, permanent or temporary)
- Part-time faculty offices
- Research
- Labs
- Retired faculty
- Faculty on sabbatical
- Fax machines
- Interact machines
- Alarms
- Emergency phones
- Conference room phones
- Phones for casual use
- Phones for students
- Courtesy phones
- Classroom phones
- Video conferencing lines (not IP)
- Event lines

Other billable services associated with this service include:

- Installation and moves of lines
- Voice-mail
- Phone feature changes
- Phone set changes
- Software number (second line on phone set)
- Long distance, 411, operator assisted calls

To add a new IP service:

Install single-line telephone or fax line (port activation, configuration and deployment): $50
Install multi-line telephone (port activation, configuration and deployment): $60
Install add-On Module (configuration and deployment): $35
Install Voice Mail: $25
Menu system planning and installation: $25/box
Long Distance Authorization Code (programming): $25
Activate temporary VoIP jack (48 hour maximum): $25
Activate temporary VoIP jack (more than 48 hours less than 1 month): $55

To add new features or software changes:

Feature changes for 1 to 5 telephone lines: $25
Add second line on a multi-line set (after installation): $25

To change telephone set types (upgrade):

Single-line set: $25
Multi-lline set: $35

To move a phone or fax:

Telephone or fax move: $25

To disconnect or remove a service:

No fee is charged for the removal of a VOIP phone line or voice mail

VoIP monthly rental rates:

Phone, analogue phone or device (fax, interact, etc): $30
Second phone same extension: $30
Second line on multi-line set $5
Voice Mail: $7
Menu System: $10 per box to a maximum of 150$
Conference Unit 7935: $25/day

For departments whose budget code falls under the University’s General Operating Fund, the monthly fee for the basic service package will be paid through the University’s central telecommunications budget in each of the following cases:

• One package for each full-time faculty member or visiting scholar;
• One package for each full-time administrative or professional staff member;
• One package for each group of three full-time support staff.

In cases where there is heavy telephone usage, or where line sharing is not practical, IITS may allocate additional lines.

• One package that shall serve as the departmental line.

This line shall also be assigned as the standard installation of a staff member of the department.

Note: Installation charges are billed to the department or unit in where the service operates.

For departments and units whose budget code does not fall under the University’s General Operating Fund, or for those that have service requirements above the basic package, telephone services can be ordered through Voice Services with the understanding that all telephone services will be billed to the department or unit in which they operate. Please consult the cost details section of our website.

In buildings serviced by the VoIP network, the basic package includes:

(1) A telephone connection (line)
• One telephone line with standard features
o Call forward, call transfer, call display, call hold, call back, immediate divert conference call, join, direct transfer
• Optional features
o Call waiting, call pick-up group, call park.*
• Access to long-distance dialing, 411 and outside operator services are available upon request.
Note: Costs incurred by use of these services are borne by the department or unit where they operate.

(2) A network connection

In buildings where only analogue service is available, the basic package includes:

(1) A telephone connection (line)
• One telephone line with standard features as described on the Voice Services website under Analogue.

The Basic Package does not include:
• The telephone set. Departments are responsible for ordering the phone set from a selection of IITS-approved Telephone Equipment. Equipment may be ordered through the Concordia University Computer Store.

• Voice-mail: Available for a cost of $25 for installation and $7 per month.

Cisco Self Care page allows users the ease of web-based access to their personal phone settings such as speed dial, address book, forwarding, etc.

To access Cisco Self Care on campus:

  • Go to My CU Account > Email & Phone > Office Phone > Cisco Self Care Portal
  • If you are off campus you must use a VPN connection to access the Cisco Self Care Portal

SNR is a feature that allows for a call placed to a given extension to reach/ring multiple destinations simultaneously, such as a desk phone and a cell phone for example. This allows the end user to pick up work calls on his\her cell phone (or any other phone) and only advertise a single number to reach him\her. SNR is schedulable from the end user configuration web page and can be turned on or off from the phone set at the push of a button. For more information, eligibility requirements and configuration requests please contact the Service Desk.



All phone service requests must be submitted to the Service Desk by your departmental VOIP coordinator.

New Installation:
-  Location: building, room and jack number.
-  Employee name, title and employee ID number.
-  Indicate whether the new phone requires long distance and/or voice mail.
-  If you are installing a multi-line set, please indicate the additional lines that you wish to see on the set and indicate if they are to ring or flash only.
-  Budget code.
-  If using an existing telephone set: provide the model of the phone, the 12 character MAC address number located on the back of the telephone set and date of purchase.

Telephone Move:
-  Telephone number.
-  Netname.
-  Current location (building, room, jack #).
-  New location (building, room, jack #).
-  Budget code.

Telephone Disconnect:
-  Telephone number.
-  Location (building, room, jack #).
Note: There are no service fees for disconnections of service.

Telephone Re-assignment:
-  Telephone number.
-  Location.
-  Current user information. Please indicate whether this person is on leave, no longer employed by the university or moving to another location.
-  New user information and coordinates (including title and employee id).
Note: there are no service fees for telephone re-assignments.

Feature Change:
-  Telephone number.
-  User information.
-  Feature to be added or removed.
-  Budget code.

Upgrade a Telephone Set:
-  Telephone number and current model of telephone set.
-  User information.
-  Location.
-  Model of new telephone set 

If you would like to know how much your department is being billed for telephone services, submit an inquiry to the Service Desk.

When placing an order for a phone, simply submit a request to the Service Desk.

Note: The Service Desk will only accept requests from Telephone Coordinators for phone orders. The Service Desk will issue you a ticket number for reference.

The phone will be delivered directly to Voice Services for programming and will be installed by one of the technicians.

This is a programming change that is done by Voice Services. The VOIP coordinator for your department must contact the Service Desk by email in order to request the call display update.

By default, many phones are restricted to forwarding their calls to internal numbers. Please contact the Service Desk to request external call forwarding.

Voice services must program this for you. Please contact the Service Desk to request this programming modification. Please note: The Service Desk will only accept requests from VOIP coordinators for phone orders.  

Please visit our cost details section for details. If you have further questions, please submit an inquiry to the Service Desk.   

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