Desktop as a Service (pilot project)

In addition to physical computers offered for individual use, classrooms, and laboratories, Concordia is running a pilot project to offer a virtual environment where faculty, staff and students can access a virtual computer to use certain applications anytime, anywhere and on any device on and off campus.

The pilot project will be offering three types environments for the fall 2020 semester:

  • Open Use Lab - an open use virtual lab that all active faculty, staff, and students can access - it offers all applications that are generally installed on the computers in the Library
  • Staff Computing - an environment available by request for staff - it replicates a Concordia office computer giving access to everyday staff services like email, internal webpages and applications, personal and shared drives, etc.
  • Made-to-order – a custom built environment for very specific and/or unique requirements

During the pilot project, changes and adjustment might occur. Please contact the Service Desk for any comment or suggestions.

Click here to learn more about Windows Virtual Desktop, the technology powering the pilot project.

Who can use it?

Active faculty, staff, and students.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost associated with the access to the open use students and staff virtual computers.

How to get it

  • Open Use Lab - Active faculty, staff, and students already have access to the teaching lab open use environment. Please consult the documentation section for the details.
  • Staff Computing - Staff must make a request by contacting the IT Service Desk to get access to the staff environment. Availability is limited.
  • Made-to-order - If you have a requirement that cannot be fulfilled by using the teaching lab or the staff environment, please open a ticket by contacting the IT Service Desk for a consultation.

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