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Tele-conferencing service

Concordia offers five types of tele-conferencing services:  

Concordia standard conference calls
Your Cisco IP Phone allows you to join up to six people, including yourself, into one telephone conversation creating a conference call.  It is also possible to join two incoming calls.

To find out how to use these features, select the user guide for your telephone.

Concordia operator-handled conference calls
Please note, any type of conference call must be booked at least 48 hours in advance. In order to reserve this device, or any other type of Conference Call, please contact the IT Service Desk at ext. 7613 or email: This service is arranged by the “Concordia Operators”. There is no charge for this service, but a budget code is required to charge back long distance charges – if any.

Bell operator-handled conference calls
In this case, the Bell Operator contacts all the participants, so a list of all the names and telephone numbers of the participants are required. This service is arranged by the “Concordia Operators”.    Bell charges do apply, so a budget code is required.

Bell meet-me conference calls
Bell Meet-Me conference calls involving more than 6 participants, can be arranged for you by the Concordia Operators. Meet-Me Conference Calls must be booked 24 hours in advance. To schedule a Meet-Me conference contact the Service Desk at x 7613 or  Note: there is a fee for this service. Polycom audio conference equipment for the VoIP and Centrex systems can be rented for $25.00/day. 

Bell conference event
Please note:  For this type of call, more than 48 hours notice may be needed. Please ensure to leave the Concordia Operators with at least 72 hour notice. Event conferencing provides you with professional service and support for large conference calls. You get a dedicated operator to support you through the entire call. The operator can dial out to participants or greet those who dial in, and manage a comprehensive suite of features such as Q&A.  Again, this service is arranged by the “Concordia Operators”.  Bell charges do apply, so a budget code is required.

Who can use it?

Faculty and staff.

How much does it cost?

  • Standard conference calls have no additional cost above the monthly phone charges.
  • Concordia operator-handled conference calls - long distance charges may apply.
  • Bell conference calls vary in price and a quote can be issued by the Concordia operators upon request through the Service Desk.
  • The audio conference unity (polycom) equipment for the VoIP and Centrex systems can be rented for $25.00/day
  • If a jack activation is required to perform the conference call, a one-time fee of $25.00 will be charged.

How to get it

  • Should you need any equipment or technical assistance to complete your conference call, a request can be made to the Service Desk by phone at 514-848-2424 ext. 7613 or email to

Service availability


Equipment and assistance:
Monday to Friday 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.  



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