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Equipment loan & rental

Audio-visual and computer equipment for loan or rental is an on-campus service available to the University community. It includes fixed equipment in University spaces, portal equipment, wireless network access, and technical support available from the Service Centre locations.

Equipment is for on-campus use only.

Rates are determined by client and event classification.

For onsite-technical support please visit the Virtual and On-site Technical Support  page

Who can use it?

Faculty, staff, and student groups.
External clients are only eligible to rent equipment if they have booked a room through Hospitality Concordia.

How much does it cost?

Rates vary depending on the client classification, event, and services requested.

Recognized student groups:
Students who are part of (and for use within) University recognized clubs, associations, or student groups as determined by the Dean of Students Office.

Internal clients:
Department faculty and staff from both academic and administrative units.

Preferred clients:
Clients who are members of the Alumni Association, retired staff and faculty, non-profit organizations sponsored by either internal users or student groups.

External clients:
Clients from groups, organizations, or associations not affiliated with Concordia University who wish to use University equipment.

Events or activities related to academic or administrative/departmental operational requirements. Examples: Academic – courses, research, exams, Centre for Teaching and Learning Services, etc. Meetings – union, departmental, or administrative.

Events or activities outside the core criteria. Examples: Fundraising, community engagement, major donor events, government events, non-academic events, personal events, social events, and promotional activities.

Rates are determined by client and event classifications.

Client classification




Full rates

Full rates


No charges

Labour is charged at a discounted rate for direct expenses outside of the Service Centre's operating budget.

Discounted rates



Discounted rates

Discounted rates

Student Groups

Recognized clubs, associations, or student groups

50% off the Discounted rate

50% off the Discounted rates

Student groups co-hosted with an external organization or sponsored event related to campus life

50% off the Discounted rates

50% off the Full rates

Non-recognized associations

50% off the Full rates

50% off the Full rates

  Discounted Rate Full Rate

Small sound kit - includes 1 speaker, up to 2 microphones, and stands



Large sound kit - includes 2 speakers, up to 4 microphones, mixer and stands



Projector kit - includes laptop, data projector, and tripod screen



Virtual meeting package-includes a meeting Owl & Zoom mics


Hybrid Camera Kit  $120 $220
AV Rolling Cart $120 $220

Fixed installations

Basic AV in Classrooms (includes projector, screen, speakers, desktop computer. Microphone included only if room has one built-in



Basic AV in Amphitheatres in H-937, MB 1.210, SP-S110 (includes projector, screen, speakers, desktop computer, up to 2 microphones )



Basic AV in Conference Centres - Loyola Jesuit Hall (RF) and MB 9 (includes projector, screen, speakers, desktop computer and up to 4 microphones)







Microphone - Wired or wireless (handheld, lapel, or headset) $16 $32

Tripod screen

$15 $28
Sound Mixer $30 $59

Technician services hourly rates (on-site support minimum 3 hours)

Single technician labour (hourly rate)



Videoconferencing services

Webinar License and set-up (does not include tech)




“ConcordiaGuest” Wi-Fi rates are not based on event or client classifications. Charges are applied on the number of expected participants.

10 participants or fewer      


11 to 50 participants       

$45 per day     

51 to 100 participants    

$113 per day

101 to 500 participants

$225 per day

More than 500 participants

Consultation required


How to get it

  • For equipment loan & rentals and onsite technical support, including Hospitality do-it-yourself (DIY) events, complete Equipment & on-site support web form. Once submitted,  you will receive an email confirmation. The request must be submitted 5 business days prior to the event.
  • Hospitality Concordia managed venues are bookable through MyEvents and are assigned an event coordinator. Your Event coordinator will  manage the entire booking, including the request for equipment and onsite technical support. Your coordinator's contact information can be found at the bottom of your space confirmation or by calling Hospitality Concordia at 514-848-2424 x.4999. 
  • To borrow a laptop from the Library, visit the Borrow a laptop service information page.
  • To borrow a tablet (iPad) from the Library, visit the Borrow a Tablet (iPad) service information page.

Service availability

1. Equipment loan and rental is flexible depending on the services requested and technician availability.
2. Library laptops and tablets are available for loan during the service hours of the Library Circulation Desk.


Requests for equipment loan & rentals must be submitted directly by the affiliate student organization (eg. ASFA, CSU, CASA, ECSGA etc) by completing the Equipment & on-site support web form

The request must be submitted 5 business days prior to the event.

For onsite-technical support please visit the Virtual and On-site Technical Support  page

The request is to be submitted by the affiliate student organization’s clubs director, chief executive/s, signing officer/s or booking officer/s who have signing authority over the budget code and can approve charges

IITS does not forward requests/tickets to others for approvals, authorizations or to obtain UNITY budget codes.

Budget code must be provided when filling in the Equipment & on-site support web form





For equipment loan & rental in non-Hospitality Concordia managed venues, submit a request form to the Service Desk.

You are required to provide:

  • Valid Concordia University identification (student, faculty, or staff)
  • TAs will require prior authorization from professors in addition to valid identification
  • Alumni associations require an alumni card

Priority is given to support academic courses

If equipment is available, rentals may be renewed by contacting the Service Desk. Send an email to or submit a web form and reference the original loan date and equipment.

Maximum borrowing time is subject to availability and Service Centre discretion.

Confirmation of pick up and return time will be communicated upon confirmation of the reservation.

  • All requests for technical support must be submitted at least 5 business days in advance.
  • When requested, a technician may be scheduled to be on-site for the duration of an event (A minimum of 3 hours is charged.). This request is to be made at the time of the original booking.
  • Technical support for hybrid events must be submitted 10 business days in advance
  • Support for any unforeseen assistance or guidance on the usage of equipment throughout the event is based on technician availability and may incur charges.
  • Visit our dedicated webpage for further details

To modify or cancel a booking, notify the Service Desk by email at and reference the original date of the booking. To avoid any unnecessary charges, notify the Service Desk 3 business days in advance.

If direct costs for equipment or labor have been incurred, full charges will apply.

For example, there will be charges for any set up, technicians hired, or expenses incurred prior to the cancellation notification.  If the technician requested for the event has arrived to work, the minimum 3 hour technician charge will apply.

Equipment reserved for pickup will be held for 90 minutes past the pickup time. Once the 90 minutes have passed, the booking will be automatically cancelled.

Notify the Service Desk immediately by email at or submit a web form and reference original date of the rental.

  • Charges will apply for lost (or damaged) equipment and late returns.
  • Borrowing may be suspended if equipment is not returned on time.

Requests for Wi-Fi should be submitted at the same time as the original equipment booking.

For more information about wireless network access not related to an event, visit the Concordia wireless network page.

Please note that the IITS equipment cannot be used for any musical events that may or may not include  DJs . Musical instruments or external devices cannot be hooked up to any of Concordia's IT equipment

No, equipment is for on-campus use only

No, our equipment is for indoor use only.

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