Virtual and On-site Technical Support

IITS has a dedicated team to support  the technical needs of events held across both campuses and in virtual environments. We provide consultation sessions to help assess the IT needs of your events, provide support with approved virtual tools, help supply required  audio-visual equipment and/or provide technicians to assist during your virtual, hybrid or onsite events. 

From figuring out how to use your online events platform to setting up audio-visual equipment in a physical space, the IITS events team is there to support all your technical needs. Hospitality Concordia is also available to help with the coordination of your events.

What are the different types of events we support?

  • Virtual Events take place online and involve participants that are not physically in the same location but are connected in a common digital environment using one of the University’s Virtual Tools such as Zoom. The IITS events team can help support the technical needs of these events, while Hospitality Concordia can assist with coordination and Event Planning Services. 

  • Hybrid Events are in-person events in which a virtual audience also participates. Essentially, both the in-person as well as the virtual audience come together and partake simultaneously in the same experience, but from different locations. 

Who can use it?

Anyone who has an event booked through IITS or Hospitality Concordia

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depending on the client classification, event, and services requested. Consult the Equipment Loan & Rental page for full details.

How to get it

  • For technical support and virtual tool licenses for events, please use our Virtual and On-Site technical support form.
  • Should you be interested in organizing an event in one of Concordia’s professional Cinema spaces, you can visit us here.
  • We work closely with our colleagues at Hospitality Concordia, collaborating to provide you with the best events possible. In addition to their traditional event coordination services, Hospitality Concordia offers coordination to assist with the management and delivery of virtual events. While we provide expertise on the IT components of events on campus, in a virtual environment and hybrids between both environments. 
  • Reservations for events in Hospitality Concordia managed venues can be made by the internal community via MyEvents and by the general public by emailing

Service availability

The availability of technical support for events is flexible depending on the service requested, building operating hours and technician’s accessibility.

Virtual Tools

Concordia vets and approves a set of virtual tools to support community activities. The use of Virtual Tools is a privilege granted to members of the University community and external clients collaborating with internal units. These tools have undergone a “Privacy Impact Assessment) (PIA)” which is a process led by IITS and Legal Service to evaluate the privacy and security of the data as it relates to cloud service platforms for potential use by the Concordia community. Unless otherwise specified, access to these tools is free of charge.

Here is the approved list of Virtual tools used for Concordia events: 






Requests for the use of a single Virtual Tool licence and for technical support must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the Virtual Event date, unless otherwise specified. All requests for the use of Virtual Tools not on the approved list maintained by IITS must be submitted at least 90 business days prior to the Virtual Event.

To request a consultation for the use of a new Virtual Tool please open a ticket with the IITS Service Desk with the subject line: Virtual Event Tool request

Class/laboratories onsite recording support



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