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Instructors can use Yuja to record in-class lectures for students to use as a review resource and to improve accessibility for all learners. This lecture capture tool can also record lectures to use in place of live in-class meetings or for asynchronous use.

For more information about YuJa, refer to the IITS Lecture Capture page and the YuJa Quickstart Guide (PDF)

Getting started with YuJa

Concordia currently supports YuJa as a lecture capture and secure video hosting solution. As a video-hosting service, it is possible to upload any video from your computer or mobile device to your YuJa account and make available to students through Moodle.

What Can YuJa Do? 

YuJa has three main functions

  1. To record Live lectures in the classroom for viewing later
  2. To record lectures or other types of video outside the classroom (in online, hybrid, and flipped classes, for example)

  3. To serve as a publishing platform to make videos securely available to your students through Moodle


Lecture capture with YuJa

Lecture Capture technology allows professors to record a lecture and share it digitally. These lectures can be live in the classroom or recorded outside of class.


Set-up: Integrating YuJa into your course

These videos from IITS Concordia walk you through the procedure to set-up and integrate YuJa into your Moodle course.

Step-by-step guides

Use YuJa to create and publish lecture videos from your computer

Lecture capture is a way that you can record your voice and what's on your screen (and optionally video of you talking) in order to make it available in video format to students via Moodle. On this page:

  • Equipment checklist
  • Teaching considerations when creating online lectures
  • Step-by-step instructions on: How to use YuJa to create pre-recorded class lectures and Making your videos available to students on Moodle


Use YuJa to create instructional videos from mobile or tablet

It is possible to upload any video from your mobile device directly to YuJa using their mobile app. This means the possibilities for the kinds of content you create are endless. Information on this page:

  • Making videos from your mobile device
  • Recording a video of your mobile screen
  • Downloading & logging in to the YuJa app for your mobile device
  • Uploading your video to YuJa using the App


Teaching with YuJa

General advice for lecture recording

If you are planning on pre-recording your lectures, whether you choose to narrate your PowerPoint slides, record with YuJa Lecture Capture or record in Zoom and share via YuJa, there are a number of things you can do to ensure a better-quality audio and video and a more efficient approach to recording your lectures. Review these guidelines to help you optimize your recording quality

  • Avoid large files and long recordings
  • Prepare your lecture and slides with video in mind 
  • Optimize audio and video quality

Booking form

If you require assistance with pre-recording your course lectures, IITS and CTL are here for you!  To book equipment or technician support, complete this form:

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