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How do I decolonize my curriculum and pedagogical practices in meaningful and respectful ways?

In collaboration with the Indigenous Curriculum and Pedagogical Advisor, the CTL provides you with Indigenous evidence-based research, tools and resources to re-frame your curriculum and pedagogical practices in ways that promote critical discourse, analysis and integration of Indigenous Peoples’ diverse intellectual, cultural, agricultural, and scientific knowledge systems.   

The Indigenous Curriculum and Pedagogical Advisor can assist you in decolonizing and Indigenizing your curriculum and pedagogical practices that ground you in topics to support your needs. These include:

  • Indigenous Worldviews and Territorial Land Acknowledgement
  • Impacts of colonization, racism and Canada’s Residential School System on Indigenous Peoples.
  • Institutional Racism & Microaggressions Indigenous Faculty/Students & Staff Face in Academia
  • Decolonizing the Academy: The Resurgence of Indigenous Humanities
  • Cultural Protocols, Relational and Ethical Engagement with Elders and Community

You can refer to our Strategies for Decolonizing Curriculum and Pedagogy to help you get started.

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