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How do I decolonize my curriculum and pedagogical practices in meaningful and respectful ways?

The CTL provides you with Indigenous evidence-based research, tools and resources to re-frame your curriculum and pedagogical practices in ways that promote critical discourse, analysis and integration of Indigenous Peoples’ diverse intellectual, cultural, agricultural, and scientific knowledge systems.

Wa'tkwanonhwerá:ton. Pijàshig kakina. Welcome. Bienvenue.

Kahérakwas Donna Goodleaf talks about what it means to decolonize curriculum and pedagogy

Indigenous Directions Action Plan: Concordia's Path (especially actions 2.1 and 2.2*) contextualizes and informs the Hub's work on decolonizing and indigenizing curriculum and pedagogy. 

*Recommended Action 2.1: Develop a plan to build the capacity of faculty members to decolonize and indigenize curriculum content across all academic departments.

Recommended Action 2.2: Create teaching and learning opportunities for all Concordia students to gain awareness of Indigenous peoples, their histories, cultures and contemporary issues,


Watch a (7-min) video of Kahérakwas Donna Goodleaf describing her instructional process of working with faculty in deconstructing and applying principles of Indigenous Decolonization to course design, curriculum, and pedagogical practices.


The Hub invites you to contact Kahérakwas Donna Goodleaf, Ed.D., Director, Decolonizing Curriculum and Pedagogy and Carole Brazeau, Indigenous Curriculum and Pedagogy Advisor for an initial consultation on topics, including but not limited to:

  • Indigenous Peoples' worldviews and community-based protocols
  • Building cultural safety in the classroom for Indigenous students
  • Incorporating Territorial Land Acknowledgements in curriculum design
  • Cross-faculty collaborations
  • Land-based education with regards to the curriculum
  • Critiquing the history and impact of the Residential School System in Canada

Kindly refer to the Indigenous Directions Action Plan and Strategies for Decolonizing Curriculum and Pedagogy to help you get started.

Resources on Indigenous decolonizing of curriculum & pedagogy

Related support & resources from the Indigenous Directions Office

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