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Five-year strategic implementation plan on decolonizing and Indigenizing curriculum and pedagogy

This plan sets evolving priorities for the decolonization of curriculum and pedagogy at Concordia from 2023 to 2027.


As direct beneficiaries of Concordia’s curriculum programs, students will be grounded in the knowledge and ability to critically evaluate the history and impacts of colonialism, value the importance of learning about diverse Indigenous histories, voices and perspectives while experiencing creative learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Watch the launch

The launch of the five-year strategic implementation plan was held on September 8, 2023 at Concordia’s 4th SPACE. Watch a (7 minute) video of Kahérakwas Donna Goodleaf sharing the context, values and priorities of the strategic implementation plan. 

Ways to engage

Members of the Concordia community are invited to share their thoughts and feedback on the strategic implementation plan in various ways.


The goal of the strategic implementation plan is to provide a roadmap for Concordia’s faculty units to:

  • Embrace collaborative opportunities on ways to decolonize and Indigenize curriculum and pedagogical practices, through active listening and respectful engagement.
  • Co-construct knowledge with the Office of Decolonizing and Indigenizing Curriculum and Pedagogy and Indigenous Peoples and Communities in respectful and meaningful ways.

The strategic implementation plan is intended for all members of the Concordia community including:

  • Senior administration
  • Deans, associate deans, and department chairs
  • Faculty, teaching assistants and other teaching staff
  • Students at undergraduate and graduate levels

Guiding values

The values guide our path towards decolonizing and Indigenizing education at Concordia.


A Kanien’keha term that refers to ‘a good mind,’ one that is caring and compassionate with self and towards others.


A Kanien’keha term that means ‘power.’ In the context of this strategic plan, this term means Faculty departments working collaboratively and collectively, contributing to the power of a good mind, strength, wisdom, and active commitment to decolonize and Indigenize curriculum and pedagogical practices.


An underlying value and belief system that serves as a guiding principle in faculty members’ approach to embedding Indigenous decolonizing principles and pedagogical practices across the curriculum.

Cultural safety

Concordia faculty promote and foster safe learning environments in which Indigenous students and students with diverse social identities are recognized, respected, valued, and embedded across the curriculum.

Student success

Indigenous decolonized curriculum address students’ holistic growth (spiritual, emotional, physical, and social) and gives agency to thrive and succeed, diversity of student voices, lived experiences and cultural integrity are valued and reflected across the curriculum.

Indigenous ways of thinking and doing

Indigenous epistemologies are embedded and centered across the curriculum; provide increased opportunities for students to value diverse histories, worldviews, current perspectives.

Strategic priorities

The strategic priorities provide the framework of the five-year strategic implementation plan for decolonizing and Indigenizing Concordia’s curriculum and pedagogy.

Decolonize and Indigenize curriculum and pedagogy university-wide

To critically evaluate and decentre Eurocentric knowledge systems across all academic programs university-wide; reconceptualize curriculum in ways that centre, weave and privilege Indigenous ways of knowing, lived experiences, histories and perspectives across the curriculum respectfully and meaningfully.

Cultural safety across diverse learning spaces – curriculum and pedagogical practices

To provide training and support for faculty development that focus on Indigenous pedagogical practices and intervention strategies to address ongoing systemic racism, tokenism, harmful stereotypes and micro-aggressions in the classroom and their impact on Indigenous students.

Develop and co-design new programs in collaboration with Indigenous communities

To foster, strengthen and build trusting, respectful, collaborative relationships with Indigenous communities with a view to explore opportunities to co-design new programs that reflect the distinct needs and priorities of Indigenous communities.

Expand and support collaborative, shared learning communities across faculty units

To increase opportunities and support internal and cross-faculty unit collaborations on shared learning experiences in undertaking transformative curricular changes by participating in decolonizing and Indigenizing initiatives.

Committee members

The committee members of the strategic implementation plan have contributed their knowledge and/or experiences and expertise related to decolonizing and Indigenizing curriculum and pedagogy.

Office of Decolonizing and Indigenizing Curriculum and Pedagogy

  • Kahérakwas Donna Goodleaf
  • Carole Brazeau
  • Melissa Forcione

Other members

  • Allan Vicaire
  • Ariel Harlap
  • Elaine Cheasley Paterson
  • Monika Gagnon
  • Natasha Macdonald
  • Hannah Claus
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