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Lecture Capture

Yuja Enterprise Video Platform is a lecture capture software which allows instructors to record live lectures and create a single presentation with integrated audio, PowerPoint slides and content from secondary devices like cameras. Recorded content can be distributed and viewed by students in Moodle via personal computers and mobile devices over the internet. The content is indexed and searchable for students and analytics are available for instructors to track engagement.

Register for training and learn more about working with Yuja.

Before you begin, please consult Concordia’s Digital Teaching guidelines for essential principals and further information on course delivery options available you. Pedagogical and course planning support is also available through Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning.

Who can use it?

Active faculty — for recording and viewing purposes. 

How much does it cost?

There is no cost associated with this service.

How to get it

Get training:

Get started:

  1. Visit your Moodle dashboard. You can also access Moodle from Carrefour's CU Account.
  2. On the Moodle course page, select 'Turn editing on'.
  3. Select 'Add an activity or resource'.
  4. The Activity chooser opens with a list of activities and resources.
  5. Enter 'YuJa Lecture Capture' in the search field.
  6. Select 'YuJa Lecture Capture'.
  7. To add an optional activity description, follow these steps:
    1. In the 'General Settings', select 'Show more…'
    2. In the 'Activity description text editor', enter the description, and then select the 'Display description' on course page check box.
  8. When the description is completed, select 'Show less…'
  9. Select 'Save' and return to course. The course page is displayed with a link to the 'YuJa activity' page.

How to begin recording

Get Help:

Service availability



If you're looking to get started using Yuja, you'll find everything you need in the Yuja quickstart guide.

For guidelines on how to properly use Yuja as an educational tool, read Concordia's Educational Technology Guidelines for Faculty and Students.

To use Yuja recording with a guest lecturer, complete the Guest lecturer consent form (English) or the Guest lecturer consent form (French).

Add Yuja to a Moodle course

Full screen video: Add Yuja to a Moodle course

Capture voice and screen

Full screen video: Capture voice and screen

Organize your media folders

Full screen video: Organize your media folders

Yuja lecture capture desktop recording - pedagogical resource

Which software should you choose?

To help you choose among the various technologies available to support your teaching and learning, consider this chart.

If you want to do the following: Consider this technology: Here’s a bit more about the technology
Record the lecture and related slides and images for a traditional class while you’re teaching the class (and make the recording available immediately afterwards to students) through Moodle Lecture capture software Lecture capture is software that records classroom lectures and captures related slides and images.  This type of software is especially useful for large lectures.  These recordings provide students who have difficulty following the original lecture with an opportunity to review the class session.  Access is provided to students through Moodle.  When reviewing the recordings, second-language learners have stated that they can catch points missed in the original lecture.  Other students have commented that the recordings are useful resources when studying for quizzes and exams.
Communicate regularly with students outside of class throughout the term Moodle Moodle is software that lets instructors communicate with students outside of the classroom.  A flexible system, instructors use Moodle for one or more of these tasks: sharing announcements; distributing course-related materials—including recordings for the flipped classroom; submitting student assignments; conducting quick polls; and conducting class-related discussions outside of class time.


Concordia offers Yuja as a service to Concordians. Subject to the applicable collective agreements and policies, videos belong to the person who recorded them.  

For more information, please consult your applicable collective agreement and Concordia’s Policy on Intellectual Property, VPRGS-9.

Normally, each website has its terms of use posted on it (usually in the header or footer of the page). You should review these terms to confirm if you are giving up any of your intellectual property rights before posting your videos.

Please note that, for videos recorded in-class, you are responsible for ensuring that Concordia’s Educational Technology Guidelines for Faculty and Students are respected and for ensuring that you have secured all rights required to post any third party content that may appear in your video (see the Policy on Copyright Compliance, SG-2 for further information).

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Yes, Yuja can work as a web-based solution if you are not administrator on your computer. However, if you are not a local administrator and want to install the software client, contact the IT Service Desk.

Recording live lectures is especially useful for large lectures with many students. Furthermore, it is best suited to classes that primarily rely on instructor-led lectures accompanied by slides or documents. Because the microphone is limited to the instructor, highly interactive classes do not lend themselves well to this software because it could miss many of the comments. Similarly, classes that involve much writing on a chalkboard or white board need to be adapted to a document camera for easiest recording.

The technology is also suited for creating videos segments before class that students can watch in advance so they can come to class prepared to engage in active learning, this is what we call the flipped classroom. Recorded videos of labs and experiments can also be used as learning objects.

The recordings provide students who have difficulty following the original lecture with an opportunity to review the class session. When reviewing the recordings, second-language learners have stated that they can catch points missed in the original lecture.  Other students have commented that the recordings are useful resources when studying for quizzes and exams. 

To record lectures, professors use the Yuja Enterprise Video Platform available on all classroom computers.

The professor may start the recordings at the beginning of class sessions or beforehand in the case of a flipped course. Immediately after stopping the recording, the video is uploaded to the cloud, allowing the professor to add a link to Moodle for use by his/her students. 

  • For technical assistance with Yuja, contact the IT Service Desk.
  • For immediate technical classroom support, phone or visit the closest Service Centre for assistance over the phone or to have a technician dispatched to the classroom.
  • For course planning support, contact Concordia’s Centre for Teaching and Learning.
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