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Classroom and lab software installation

Additional software installations can be requested in computer labs or classrooms to support curriculum or as part of special events.

Who can use it?

Generally, anyone who has authority to use the lab or classroom equipment can make a request.

How much does it cost?

Charges vary depending on licensing requirements and effort required to deploy/uninstall software. Budgetary approval may be required.

How to get it

  • To request software installations to support curriculum or non-Hospitality events, submit a ticket.
  • Booking for events in Hospitality Concordia managed venues are processed through MyEvents and are assigned an event coordinator who manages the entire booking including classroom and lab software installation.

Service availability

Requests will be assessed on a case by case basis.



No – All software needs to be tested on the computer configurations beforehand to assess the feasibility of the request.

Each request is different and needs to be assessed individually. Sufficient lead time is required to ensure analysis, testing and installation can be fulfilled before the event.

Each request is different and needs to be assessed individually. The person analyzing this request will look at licensing and costs associated.

Applications or software that are listed as freeware or trial-ware are prohibited on classroom or lab workstations. This is due to licensing restrictions and lack of technical support from vendors. If you require a specific software package installed for teaching purposes, submit a request to the Service Desk using the webform.

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