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Computer hardware and software provisioning

Consultation and installation services are available for the purchase of computer equipment including desktops, portable computers, software and smartphones. The service includes analysis of user needs, providing information about the current options, purchasing assistance and installation.

Related policy: Policy on computer provisioning VPS-32

Who can use it?

Active faculty and staff

How much does it cost?

Pricing for hardware and software varies. Consultation, implementation, assistance and software installation are free of charge.

How to get it

To obtain consulting or installation services, submit a ticket. This is valid for all departments supported by the Service Desk. If your department has a designated IT technician or support team, contact them directly.

To purchase computer hardware and software and ensure your new computer is provisioned according to your needs, visit the documentation on procurement and provisioning below.

Service availability

During Service Desk operating hours.



Visit the Purchasing Computers page for detailed steps to purchase standard and non-standard computers.

When a purchase order is issued for a new computer, the Service Desk team will automatically email you with a ticket number informing you that an IT computer technician has been assigned to set-up your new computer(s).

By default, all new computers are delivered to your closest IT Service Centre to have their Windows or MacOS operating systems configured to be centrally managed. Computers are tagged, engraved, added to inventory, and applications are installed such as Sentinel One Antivirus, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome.

If you require any special software, data transfer, or custom configuration for your new computer(s), reply to the ticket by email so your technician receives your request promptly and can start preparing.

Please note that certain components of the provisioning process are mandatory such as tagging, engraving, and installation of the University’s anti-virus software. See corresponding Policy on computer provisioning VPS-32

This computer provisioning process is followed by all departments supported by the Service Desk. If your department is supported by a designated IT technician or support team, contact them directly for more information regarding your new computer provisioning.

Concordia University manages several site license agreements for the University's most commonly used software. For more information, visit the Standard software licenses service page.

Consultation and implementation services for the purchase of non-standard computers, software, and equipment including desktop PCs, portable computers, smartphones, etc. can be requested by contacting the Service Desk. This service includes analysis of user needs, providing information about the current options, purchasing instructions, and installation.


Contact the Service Desk or your department designated IT technician or support team. These knowledgeable technicians will be able to provide counsel on equipment, software and migration.

There are several reasons. Costs will be significantly reduced by making bulk purchases of fewer models from one contracted manufacturer. Having fewer models creates a consistency among systems deployed throughout the university, improving compatibility and technical hardware and software support. This also means an easier deployment and updating of software by having pre-installed site-licensed software on each computer.

Because it makes it clear that the computer belongs to Concordia – no need to provide proof of purchase or receipt.

Non-standard computers are supported on a best effort basis either by Instructional and Information Technology Services (IITS) or your designated departmental IT technician or support team

All computers are the property of Concordia University regardless of the source of funds or whether purchased from the standard list or not. Therefore, the computer must be properly inventoried and asset tagged according to the policy and protected by installing university anti-virus software.  

Consult the Computer Support section, contact your department IT-representative, or contact the Service Desk.

SentinelOne is available for Concordia-owned devices. Learn how to get SentinelOne.

Contact the Service Desk or you department's IT representative.

The Apple Store for Education is not the same as the Apple Store for Education Institution. Any purchase made on the Apple Store for Education is considered a personal purchase and is not considered to be the property of Concordia University.

Concordia University is prohibited from installing campus license agreement software (Microsoft Office, etc.) on a computer purchased from the Apple Store for Education. Users purchasing a computer for work use and or with University funds should go through the Apple Store for Education Institution.

For the educational sector, Apple only accepts the return of unopened products resulting from an Apple shipping or order processing error.  All other sales are final.  The only return exception is if there is a problem with the Apple computer (hardware) upon arrival.  For more information, review Apple's educational sector return policy.

  • It is difficult to return a consumer line product unless there is a problem with the product on arrival.  In most cases when purchasing a consumer product, once the product is purchased, the sale is final. With enterprise models, there is a greater flexibility for returns.
  • For consumer models, there is no guarantee of the availability of important drivers and software on the manufacturer’s website.  Enterprise products have fewer limitations in this regard and configuration issues can be escalated to the vendor where necessary.
  • With our current contract, the supplier can escalate and track shipping issues for enterprise models, but not with the consumer line.
  • The expertise of our desktop support team lies in enterprise grade models.
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