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SentinelOne is a security platform designed to protect entire networks by preventing, detecting and responding to a variety of security attacks across all entry points, including the computers used to access the network. 

SentinelOne is an advanced anti-malware program which uses the behavior of malware in addition to file signatures to detect and protect against executable and file-less based malware/ransomware, browser and document exploits, scripts, and credential/memory scrapers.

SentinelOne must be installed on any computers owned by Concordia university.

Who can use it?

Active Concordia faculty and staff.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for this service as the University’s subscription includes licensing for all University owned assets.

How to get it

Concordia will migrate to SentinelOne in a phased approach, beginning with classroom and teaching lab computers in the first week of March 2021; for Concordia-owned faculty and staff computers during March and April 2021.

SentinelOne is not offered for personal devices.

To request the installation of SentinelOne on a university-owned computer, please contact your department IT representative or the Service Desk.

Service availability



SentinelOne is not offered for personal computers but there are paid and free products out there to protect Windows and MacOS machines like BitDefender, Kaspersky or Sophos.

Once your computer is enrolled into SentinelOne, you will see this icon in the task bar.

SentinelOne icon

If you were notified of the migration and do not see this icon then please contact the Service Desk.

Windows 10, MAC OS and some distribution of Linux.

An uninstallation of Sophos will be occur eventually as part of the migration process.

Please note Sophos and SentinelOne will run simultaneously for a period of time on your computer.

Yes, SentinelOne will recognize the behaviors of ransomware and prevent it from encrypting files.

The SentinelOne client uses a small amount of system resources and should not impact your daily activities.

Yes, you will be protected against malware threats when the device is disconnected from the internet.

The client does not require any special configuration.

The University’s SentinelOne subscription is not offered for personal computers. There are many security products on the market to protect personal devices on Windows and MacOS machines such as BitDefender, Kaspersky, or Sophos.

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