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Computer, media labs & performance spaces - Faculty of Fine Arts

The following workspaces are available to Fine Arts faculty and students:

  • Computer labs with MACs and one smart room are available to be booked for classes or project work.
  • Video & Sound edit rooms are available on the EV 5th floor.  Each room is for one user at a time and dedicated to curriculum-based projects.
  • Performing Arts practice and classroom spaces on the 7th and 8th floor of the MB building are available 24/7 to Modern Dance, Music, and Theatre.

Who can use it?

Computer labs and video & sound edit rooms:
    Faculty and students of Fine Arts
Perfoming arts spaces:
    Faculty and students in Performing Arts

How much does it cost?

Computer labs and video & sound editing rooms:
    Free for faculty
    Students require a CDA membership
Performing arts spaces
    Free to students and faculty

How to get it

Computer labs:

  • Submit a ticket - your request must include the specific room, date, and time of your reservation.

Video & sound editing rooms:

Performance spaces:

Service availability

Computer labs:
Booking is 24/7, room availability is within CDA operating hours
Video & Sound Rooms:
Self-serve booking 24/7.  Room availability varies by room
Performing Arts Spaces:
Self-serve booking and room availability is 24/7

See below for room availability by type by day.


For schedules, lab descriptions and room layouts, visit the CDA labs page.

Operating Hours

For booking information, video tutorials and workshops for our specialized editing rooms, visit the Edit Rooms page.

Operating Hours

Students from the Performing Arts department have access to reserve time in the CDA performance spaces.

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