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Computer, media labs & performance spaces - Faculty of Fine Arts

The following workspaces are available to Fine Arts faculty and students:

  • Computer labs with MACs and one smart room are available to be booked for classes or project work.
  • Video & Sound edit rooms are available on the EV 5th floor.  Each room is for one user at a time and dedicated to curriculum-based projects.
  • Performing Arts practice and classroom spaces on the 7th and 8th floor of the MB building are available 24/7 to Modern Dance, Music, and Theatre.

Who can use it?

Computer labs and video & sound edit rooms:
    Faculty and students of Fine Arts
Perfoming arts spaces:
    Faculty and students in Performing Arts

How much does it cost?

Computer labs and video & sound editing rooms:
    Free for faculty
    Students require a CDA membership
Performing arts spaces
    Free to students and faculty

How to get it

Computer labs:

  • Submit a ticket - your request must include the specific room, date, and time of your reservation.

Video & sound editing rooms:

Performance spaces:

Service availability

Computer labs:
Booking is 24/7, room availability is within CDA operating hours
Video & Sound Rooms:
Self-serve booking 24/7.  Room availability varies by room
Performing Arts Spaces:
Self-serve booking and room availability is 24/7

See below for room availability by type by day.


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