iClicker Student Response System

The iClicker Student Response System is an interactive polling technology that allows instructors to quickly collect and display student responses to questions featured in a lecture presentation. The instant feedback can be used to gauge student understanding and generate peer learning, especially in a large classroom. The system also has a grading function and an anonymous mode, which support the use of different incentives for participation.

For more information about iClicker's pedagogical literature, advantages, best practices, and more, consult the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) iClicker web page.

Operating on radio frequency, the iClicker system consists of a base receiver, an instructor remote, a software application, and student remotes. The new Reef Polling feature, once enabled, allows student polling from networked devices such as smart phones, tablets, and laptops. 

Related policy:
For the protection of Concordia students’ data and personal information, iClicker registration must take place in Moodle rather than the external iClicker company website. Instructors must maintain the confidentiality of student personal information at all times. For a definition of “personal information” and more, refer to: SG9 - Policy concerning the protection of personal information.

If you are interested in enabling mobile polling using the external Reef service, make sure to consult the guidelines for In-course use of external educational software and services. The document specifies the conditions under which external services can be used in a course and also provides the standard text to be included in course outlines.

Who can use it?


How much does it cost?

There is no cost for instructors to borrow an iClicker teacher’s kit. Professors who wish to buy a device may contact the Concordia bookstores for availability and pricing information.

Students who require an iClicker device for their class may contact the Concordia bookstores for availability and pricing information.

Students who require a Reef license (use of iClicker software via personal device) for their class are to acquire the code at the bookstore.

Note: The price for a Reef license on the REEF education websire is listed in USD. It is cheaper to buy a Reef license at the Concordia bookstore, since their price is listed in CAD.

How to get it

To borrow an instructor kit, contact the Service Desk by phone or email.

In-person requests can be processed at the Service Centre locations.

Service availability

Requests are processed during Service Desk or Service Centre operating hours.




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