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iClicker Student Response System


As of January 2024, Macmillan Learning has discontinued iClicker Classic, previously integrated into Moodle. The university is currently reviewing the options available for an institutionally approved student response system.


iClicker is an interactive polling technology allowing instructors to quickly collect and display student responses to questions featured in a lecture presentation. Instant feedback can be used to gauge student understanding and generate peer learning, especially in a large classroom.

Macmillan Learning offers iClicker Cloud; however, this tool is not currently supported through Concordia’s help system. 

For more information about iClicker Cloud, please refer to the following support links:

Who can use it?

If Instructors would like to incorporate iClicker Cloud in your course, you are welcome to do so, but please review the Concordia educational technology guidelines for faculty and students. Concordia supports the use of new and innovative technologies in education, however when using technologies developed by third parties, the above guidelines ensure people’s right to protect their personal information, privacy and intellectual property.

How much does it cost?

Although Concordia no longer provides direct support for the software, the instructor kit, student remotes, and student discounts (6-month app lease) are still available for use with iClicker Cloud.

There is no cost for Instructors who wish to borrow an iClicker teacher’s kit.

Students who require an iClicker remote device for their class may contact the Concordia bookstores for availability and pricing information.

Students who require an iClicker Student Mobile App (formerly iClicker REEF) for their class may contact the Concordia bookstores for their code and subscription pricing information in CAD. The iClicker Student Mobile App is also listed on the iClicker Pricing for Students web page (in USD).

How to get it

  • To borrow an instructor kit, contact the Service Desk by phone or email.
  • In-person requests can be processed at the Service Centre locations.
  • Instructors should visit iClicker Cloud directly for support.

Service availability

Requests are processed during Service Desk or Service Centre operating hours.

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