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Home drive

Concordia faculty and staff are allocated 20GB of personal space for storing work-related files. Files saved within the home drive can be accessed from any computer on the Concordia network.

Who can use it?

Active faculty and staff

How much does it cost?

There is no cost associated with this service.

How to get it

  • Home drives are automatically provisioned for all active faculty and staff.
    • On Windows operating systems, an icon labeled 'Home Drive' will appear on the desktop.
    • On Mac operating systems or if an icon does not appear on your Windows computer, contact the Service Desk.

Service availability





Your data is stored on a redundant file system and backed up during the day. Concordia's IT department offers a 12 month window for data recovery on the home drive.

Windows users can recover their own documents using the built in shadow copy feature.

For more information about how to recover your documents, read through the Shadow copy FAQ.

No, home drive data is only accessible to you, as it requires your netname for authentication.

To recover a deleted file or folder, follow these steps:

  1. Open your home drive.
  2. Right click anywhere in the home drive window, without selecting an individual file or folder.
  3. Select 'Properties' from the menu and then choose the 'Previous Versions' tab.
  4. The dates that appear in the list indicate when the content was last backed up - choose the date the best fits the version of the file/folder you want to restore.
  5. Choose the folder with your netname and navigate to the file or folder you want to restore.
  6. Once you have located the file/folder, drag and drop it to your desktop. It is best to verify the content of the recovered document before adding it back to your home drive.

If you wish to recover a deleted file or folder on a Mac computer, contact the Service Desk for assistance.

Faculty and staff are given a quota of 20GB.

If you would like help managing your quota, contact the Service Desk. A technician will evaluate your storage needs and discuss potential options available to you.

The two icons serve essentially the same purpose.

If you do not wish to see the Network Folder icon, you may delete it from your desktop. All of your saved content will remain available through the Home Drive icon.

If you don't have the icon on your computer and you would like to use the home drive, contact the Service Desk.  

If you are using a Concordia-owned device that is not currently connected to the Concordia network, you can use the Virtual Private Network to access the home drive.

If you are using a device that is not owned by Concordia, you can use remote desktop connection to access the home drive on your Concordia-owned device.

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