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Concordia Curriculum Management System (CCMS)

The Concordia Curriculum Management System (CCMS) is a web-based curriculum submission tool that Departments and Faculties/Schools use to submit their curriculum proposals through the approval process. The CCMS allows users to revise their dossiers as they are presented throughout the process, and proposals are retained in a database management system. The CCMS requires users to complete training prior to being granted access. Once granted access, users may log into the CCMS using their Concordia netname and password.

Who can use it?

Faculty and staff

How much does it cost?

There is no cost associated for this service.

How to get it:

Users may request access to the CCMS by completing the online CCMS Access Form, and must indicate which role is required:

  1. Curriculum Change Initiator: Those requiring access to make edits to the academic calendar)
  2. Approver: Those who only require access for reviewing and approving curriculum change dossiers.

Those who select the Curriculum Change Initiator role must complete an online training session prior to be being granted access. Those who only require access as an Approver are not required to complete the online training, and may refer to the CCMS Approver Manual for detailed instructions around the process for reviewing and approving curriculum change dossiers.

Once users have completed the online form indicating their required role, those who selected Curriculum Change Initiator will receive an email confirmation once they have been granted access to the online learning materials available on Moodle. Those who request the Approver Role will be notified via email once they have been granted access to the CCMS.

Once you have been granted access to CCMS, you can sign in using the following link and your Concordia credentials. 

Service availability:



See the Guidelines for Approvers (Academic Units).

For additional documentation related to the curriculum approval process, including the approval process for new programs, please see:


Please email to schedule a session for support in preparing your curriculum change dossier or for more information about the approval process.

Please email if you have any questions about the learning materials after you have been granted access to the Moodle site.

Please email the Service Desk to report technical bugs related to the CCMS

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