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Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence (BI) platform that provides non-technical business users with tools for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data. Microsoft Power BI is available to Concordia University faculty and staff as part of Microsoft 365. There are two license tiers available as well as a desktop application: 

  • Power BI Desktop: a free application that can be installed on your local computer that lets you connect to, transform, and visualize your data.

  • Free: a free license allows an individual to use the Power BI service to create reports and dashboards in their personal workspace  

  • Pro: a pro license allows an individual to use the Power BI service to create reports and dashboards in their personal workspace and share their content with other users that also have a pro license.


Who can use it?

Active Faculty and staff

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for Power BI desktop or for the Free license. However, Power BI Pro licenses come at an additional cost. This cost is currently assumed by IITS if requesters meet the eligibility requirements.  

How to get it?

Power BI Desktop & Power BI Free licenses 

If you have the necessary permissions on your Concordia device, you may download and install Power BI Desktop directly from the MS Store; otherwise, you will need to open a request with the IT Service Desk to have it installed on your Concordia device: 

  1. Contact the IITS Service Desk 
  2. Request Power BI Desktop to be installed on your Concordia device (provide your device details).  
  3. An IITS technician will be in touch to make an appointment to install the software or make it available for download. 
  4. A free license is automatically included to allow you to use the Power BI Service. 

If you have installed Power BI Desktop on your own but are unable to login to the Power BI service, then you will need to open a service request to have a free license assigned to you: 

  1. Contact the IITS Service Desk 
  2. Request a Free Power BI License assignment 
  3. An IITS representative will assign the license and you will be able to login to the service using your Concordia email address and password. 

Power BI Pro 

Power BI pro licenses are available for individuals who can justify a business need for sharing their content with other users with a pro license. For example, if you need to access a dashboard created by IDS, OIPA, Advancement or another department.  

The assignment of Power BI Pro license is subject to approval.  

  • For consuming reports & dashboards, the approval must be granted by the owner of the content or the corresponding data steward.
  • For sharing reports and workspace assignment a business/work need must be demonstrated, and corresponding data governance requirements must be met. 

To request a Pro License: 

  1. Contact the IITS Service Desk 
  2. Request a Power BI Pro License 
  3. Provide a description of the business need. 
  4. An IITS representative will reach out to validate eligibility and assign a license.

Service Availability



If your primary need is to create reports and dashboards using Power BI then Power BI Desktop and a free license will be sufficient. If you need to share your content with others or access dashboards created by others then you will need a Power BI Pro license.

Pro licenses are purchased and renewed as part of a larger agreement, and it is not currently possible to purchase licenses individually and assign them on a per user basis.

A data Steward is an oversight or data governance role within Concordia University. Data Stewards have sector-specific responsibility for facilitating appropriate data and information systems use of their respective systems, and for ensuring compliance with applicable policies, procedures and standards.

You can share PBIX files directly with others. They can open them in their personal workspace or using Power BI Desktop. Please note that you are responsible for any content being shared and must ensure that any data governance requirements are met.

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