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Mobile device support

Support for Concordia-owned mobile devices (iOS/Android) is provided by different teams of technicians. 

Available support includes:

  • On-site and remote service to troubleshoot incidents and requests – determine the cause of malfunctions and make appropriate corrections or recommend a course of action to resolve the issue.
  • Providing assistance with the installation, configuration, and maintenance of operating systems and apps.
  • Providing assistance in case of lost, stolen or broken devices

Related policy: ITAM asset (digital) policy

Who can use it?

All faculty and staff with a Concordia-owned device.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost associated with this service.

How to get it

To obtain mobile device support, please submit your request to the IITS Service Desk or by phone at 514-848-2424 x7613.

Service availability

During Service Desk or Service Centre operating hours.





No. Support is only provided to Concordia-owned mobile devices.

Yes, mobile devices are being centrally managed and the Service Desk is better positioned to resolve your issues. Please submit your request to the IITS Service Desk.

Mobile Device Management

In order to ensure your mobile devices meet mandatory security standards, we will be using mobile device management tools such as Intune and Jamf. 

Concordia will be able to see information such as your device model, manufacturer, operating system information, installed apps, serial number, owner, and ensure that your device meets organizational security compliance policies.

Concordia will not be able to see your personal information such as browsing history, email, passwords, documents, or other sensitive data.

Mobile devices that are managed by the University have certain settings configured to protect both the device and the privacy of the user so as to ensure its proper functioning.

Example of settings

  • Security settings to better protect against viruses/malware and other intrusive applications
  • Password protection and password locks
  • The blocking of certain apps due to privacy concerns as per government regulations
  • Updates to the Operating System and/or app

Only apps that are prohibited by the government for security and privacy concerns will be blocked. Currently, TikTok and Wechat have been prohibited.

Intune is a service that focuses on keeping Concordia devices secured and up to date. More specifically, it ensures that your device has installed the latest security patches, OS system updates, and application updates automatically.

University-Paid Mobile Device

If you are looking to purchase a mobile device without a cellular data subscription, please go to the Computer Purchase process page to order the device through a purchase requisition.

To purchase a mobile device with a cellular data subscription, please ask your supervisor or department's phone administrator to complete and submit the Concordia-paid Mobile Phone Request Form with the required approvals.

Yes, you can add your personal Apple or Google account to the device. However, any blocked applications will be blocked even if installed with a personal account. We encourage you to only use Apple or Google accounts associated with your Concordia email address.

Concordia-owned phones can be replaced every 2 years. The default model is at zero cost. Any additional features or upgrades will be charged to the user’s department.

No, the device is university property and must be recovered before the new phone can be provided. We can assist with transferring data from the old device. 

We will support Concordia mobile applications, Office 365 and connections to the University Wireless Network and VPN.

University-paid phones require the approval of your supervisor or department administrator.

Please speak to your supervisor or department administrator: if approved, they will submit an order to IITS, along with a budget code with sufficient funds to charge for the monthly billing. The monthly costs will be charged to your department.

As phones are typically used by staff members in tasks related to their work, only Operating funds can be charged.

Yes. Please provide your telephone number, the name of your provider, and the account number to your Supervisor or Department Administrator who will coordinate the transfer with IITS. Once transferred please note that the telephone number becomes the property of the university.

All corporate phones are limited to work ONLY in Canada. If travelling outside of Canada, please have your supervisor or department's phone administrator complete the International Roaming Form and submit it through IITS at least 5 business days before your departure. 

In most cases, the phone number can be transferred to your personal device. However there are situations which might require the university to retain the number and transfer it to someone else. Such requests will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

Please discuss the situation with your manager who can then see about cancelling the phone or re-assigning it to another person.

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