DPrint — self serve (students)

Through the DPrint service, Xerox was selected to install and service multifunction printer/scanner/photocopier devices for use across both the downtown and Loyola campuses. Fifty self-serve machines are installed in public areas for use by the Concordia community as a whole. The goal of DPrint is to reduce paper waste, simplify printing, and offer consistent, high-quality services across the university. Users of the self-serve machines are required to load funds onto their student or employee card to gain access to printing, copying, or scanning services. Once funds have been added to the account, the user simply swipes their student ID card through the card reader attached to the machine they wish to use.

Who can use it?

Students, faculty, staff, and guests

How much does it cost?

A full price list for printing, scanning, or photocopying services can be found in the documentation section of this page.

How to get it

There are three ways to add funds to your DPrint account online:

  1. concordia.ca/print
  2. Concordia App under “My account”
  3. Add funds to DPrint. This link can also be found on the Student Hub's My CU Account page. 

DPrint has prepared a user guide to help with basic copying, scanning and printing functions. Read through this guide for information about general use.

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